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This is an unreleased development version

These are the changes in the current development version of MythTV from the 0.20 release. Currently these features are slated for the 0.21 release. Some of these changes, most notably the fixes, will likely appear in a 0.20.1 release.

As always, these features are available in the Subversion system but be prepared if you plan to run this version and subscribe to the -dev and -commit mailing lists to keep up to date on development.

Updated through revision 11682

Major changes

  • Added Watch List feature to Watch Recordings listing programs most useful to watch in order to catch up on series and shows you have fallen behind in watching.
  • Added support for QAM recording using HDHomeRun device. Requires firmware 21-09-2006 or newer.


New Features

  • Added Watch List feature to Watch Recordings listing programs most useful to watch in order to catch up on series and shows you have fallen behind in watching.
  • Added support for QAM recording using HDHomeRun device. Requires firmware 21-09-2006 or newer.
  • Added new 'watched' flag for recordings which can be set manually or automatically and optinally increase auto expiration priority for watched shows. Includes a new 'watched' icon in the frontend and in MythWeb.
  • Improved Jump to Program feature while watching a recording. This action will now bring up the Watch Recordings screen for selection of the program.
  • Attempt to re-record programs that are not recorded because of a channel change failure
  • Added support for AC3 passthrough audio with OSS drivers
  • Added Schedule Status to the System Status screen
  • Better caching of recording data on frontend for faster performance
  • Added short commands for telnet control of the frontend
  • Added option for non-default MySQL port configuration using the DBPort option in the mysql.txt
  • Use tv_find_grabbers to find XMLTV grabbers to use. Requires XMLTV version 0.5.43 or higher.
  • Updated --nosched command-line option to the backend to prevent only new recordings from firing off. It does not prevent the scheduler from running which allows for better debugging. Recordings not recorded during this time are marked as rsOffLine.
  • Added Last Recorded and Next Recording to Program Details screen
  • Pressing '7' on the Recording Priorities screen allows sorting by last_record field
  • Power on a firewire connected recorder if it is off when interacting with it
  • Added '-v most' verbose option to show most debugging messages without showing excesssively verbose options like database
  • Added options for debugging events on the master backend
  • Added CHANGERECGROUP keyboard binding in Watch Recordings to bring up the Select Group Filter box. No key is bound by default.
  • The 'Delete Follows Symlinks' feature now follows relative symlinks
  • Added Echostar and Nimiq tv service type descriptors for digital recordings
  • Program Finder entries are now highlighted like the Watch Recordings screen
  • Added support for US style EIA-608 captions
  • Allow European non-numeric freqid's to be added by mythfilldatabase
  • Added support for polarity inversion in DiSEqC setups
  • Allow control of the number of pre-cached theme resolutions
  • Added ability to record either the main audio, SAP audio, or both (with recent ivtv drivers)
  • Disabled convert filter
  • Extended support for recovery from a EINVAL or EIO to v4l2 drivers
  • Improved INFO menu with toggle buttons for AutoExpire and Episode Preservation
  • Added option to sort the "All Programs" list differently from other program lists
  • Added multi-select option for selecting default view of Watch Recordings
  • Add a CHANGEGROUPVIEW keybinding on the Watch Recordings screen to allow directly popping up the Group View changer
  • Add the ability to have a 'Preserved' flag icon on the Watch Recordings screen. No themes were modified to support this as it is up to theme designers to implement if desired due to the already large number of possible icon flags.
  • Allow turning off of UPnP support with --noupnp option on the backend.
  • Allow selection of dual audio track from the OSD menu instead of mute hack
  • Improved performance of scheduler which should improve performance of Watch Recordings when

recordings are deleted, stopped or started

  • Added tuning of raw MPEG channels in HDHRRecorder
  • End of recording prompts changed to OSD prompts
  • Added Malasyian analog TV frequency table
  • Added outline to EIA-608 captions when they are not on a black background and adds a bold font option for better visibility with low resolution streams.
  • Added support for restarting the MHEG engine when requested by the broadcaster
  • Added a --clearcache command line argument to mythbackend that will trigger a CLEAR_SETTINGS_CACHE event to be sent out to all connected programs
  • Remove HTML code from text file based captions
  • Improved FreeboxRecorder's RTSP support so that other transport methods can be used and fixes some bugs in the M3U channel parser
  • Allow an IP address to be used to reference an HDHomeRun device directly
  • Added HDHomeRun channel scanning, cygwin compilation and broadcast on all routes (for finding device on network when multiple routes exist.)
  • Added checks of dvb-utils imported channels before adding them to the DB


  • Fixed programinfo passing between master and slave backend. This required a protocol change to version 31.
  • Fixed prebuffer pauses on LiveTV transitions by setting the proper bitrate in the RingBuffer after it is reset by an OpenFile
  • Prevent the OSD from always being drawn, even when not in use
  • Fixed V4L2 API compatibility with IVTV 0.8
  • Separated font sizing from display DPI
  • Fixed updating of the last_record field
  • Fixed bug in cutlist conversion
  • Fixed bug where Playback screen would be missing the recorded ID for a show
  • Reduced firewire packet buffer from 8000 to 2000
  • Verify that a firewire node is a STB
  • Fixed 8PSK modulation tuning
  • Added EIT fixup for MultiChoice Africa
  • Fixed problem causing duplicate rows for manually scheduled programs to appear in Watch Recording list
  • Fixed problem where backend might fail deleting a file due to filename being changed by transcoding
  • Fixed problem with non-GUI programs initalizing OSD
  • Added date to UPnP resonse header
  • Fixed issue with aborted data over UPnP
  • Fixed truncating delete code by grabbing filesize prior to unlinking
  • Improved sending of committed DiSEqC messages
  • Disabled automatic portion of WrapTimecode which was causing problems
  • Fixed TS packet handling when discontinuity detected
  • Fixed South African VHF frequencies
  • Fixed SW42 and SW64 support for pre-DiSEqC
  • Fixed defaulting of channel source when adding a new channel in the channel editor
  • Fixed favorite channel and direct channel entering in browse mode
  • Added Intel IEGD driver to fix for broken I420 support
  • Fixed deleting a video source which did not delete its associated channels
  • Fixed audio muting issue with v4l-compat support
  • Fixed quickdnr, denoise3d, and crop filters to work with padded YUV strides
  • Fixed scanning of DVB-C muxes
  • Fixed deletion of orphaned channels
  • Fixed the transport editor which was only showing data if a DVB device was connected.
  • Fixed the transport editor presenting HDHomeRun and HDTV transports as analog transports not as ATSC transports.
  • Fixed the transport editor showing DVB-S frequencies as being in Hz, when they are actually in kHz.
  • Fixed ATSC EIT time offset
  • Fixed the recordedprogram, recordedrating, and recordedcredits tables cleanup and move the cleanup into the housekeeper instead of mythfilldatabase
  • Allow renumbered ATSC channels to be sorted properly
  • Tightens the criteria for a private stream to be declared as a video stream which should fix recordings of some channels where this was a problem
  • Fixed a segfault when we fail to set up a signal monitor for a digital channel
  • Fixed playback by selecting the first video stream found in the PMT. This allows allows the people with weird broadcasts to function, without inhibiting the functionality of Interactve TV (MHEG)
  • Fixed the ProgramInfo::showDetails() ratings string
  • Fixed interpretation of hide_guide property in ATSC PSIP
  • Fixed a couple bugs enabling/disabling the xmltv and onairguide configs for a channel


  • Added MediaMonitor support
  • Improved audio timestamp calculations



  • Added support for threading processes if system reports more than one processor available
  • Added options for setting DVD date and time formats
  • Added a thumbnail offset and bookmark image option to MythArchive
  • Added ability to change the final order that files will be shown on the DVD title menus
  • Added a button on the chapter menu to take you back to the title menu
  • Fixed problem where mytharchivehelper was returning the wrong aspect ratio for .nuv files
  • Fixed bug where save directory was not being passed properly
  • Fixed bug where all recording fields were not requested from the database
  • Prevent installation of plugin if all archiving options are disabled
  • Fixed problems with filenames containing apostrophes
  • Look for music and images in shared folders after default locations
  • Fixed wrong aspect ratio when using Autoplay themes
  • Fixed a mixup when retrieving the chanid and starttime from the DB
  • Fixed problem with No Menu theme when trying to add movies




  • Improved XvMC internal dvd player support. Uses XV when in DVD menu and XvMC when in the main title
  • Fixed choppy playback on some DVD main titles
  • Fixed segfault when external player exits
  • Fixed problem with missing menu buttons on some DVD titles
  • Fixed enabling of subtitles from main DVD menu
  • Fixed title menu selection
  • Added chapter menu to osd menu when watching dvd
  • Made jumps using seekrwnd, and seekfwd a little more predictable
  • Handle transition from main title to still frame and a resolution change when using the standard decoder



  • Prevents unbound keys from stopping a slideshow
  • Info key tells you what kind of slideshow you are in


  • Added a new option to hash the "All Games" gametree game listings. This can make navigating long lists a little simpler
  • Added the ability to chain commands seperated by ';' when launching an emulator or game
  • Ensure any screenshot is cleared when navigating the tree after you pass a game with a screenshot


  • Fixed SQL error when adding by genre to playlist



  • Fix two translation issues with the call popup dial or answer dialog


  • Added UPnP support on the backend for streaming videos
  • Improved handling of no year titles
  • Fixed segfault when external player exits
  • Fixed MySQL 3.x compatibility



  • Completed mp3act integration with music module
  • Fixed passing null values when scheduling recordings
  • Fixed myth:// URLs
  • Improved file streaming using sys calls
  • Fixed links for manually overridden video URLs
  • Fixed music module detection
  • Allow negative recording priorities to be set
  • Fixed login for users who use both mobile and PC logins
  • Fixed category display
  • Fixed HTTPS streaming and broken images
  • Added mobile support for HTC Tornado
  • Fixed the airdate display issues for pending movie recordings
  • Replaced onchange with onclick, to fix the konqueror bug
  • Apply sanity check for the date range popup menu, for those people who occasionally get wacky data from DVB EIT data

Support libraries

Utility Applications

  • Don't divide the file size by 1 megabyte twice

  • Modified to use new Perl bindings

  • Fixed --quick-run


  • Added support for updating JobQueue progress and allowing Stop commands
  • Stop transcoding when total frames is reached to prevent stray frames
  • Fixed some audio sync issues
  • Fixed not reinitializing stream properties when changing streams
  • Fixed segfault by taking the 1st video stream (rather than the last) when multiple video streams are present
  • Fixed segfault with non-empty buffer
  • Fixed padding packets from being written to stream
  • When resizing video in the lossy side of mythtranscode, trim off the bottom 8 pixels when we encounter a video file that is 1088 pixels high
  • Fixed issue when the cut-point was at a corrupted section of the stream


  • Add another check criteria that will force mythfilldatabase to download data for a particular day. If the number of channels with at least one program between 6pm and midnight is less than 90% of the count for the previous day, a data refresh will be initiated.
  • Parse more information from the xmltv data, including HDTV, subtitle and audio details


  • Fixed crashes with hybrid tuner cards
  • Allow daily wakeup periods to cross midnight


  • Added -R option to reset firewire bus