Release Notes - 0.21.1

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These are the changes in the 0.21.1 fixes branch of MythTV. Release notes updated through revision [16814]



  • Fixed DVD menu handling problem
  • Fixed playback being paused when entering the Program Finder during playback. [16744]
  • Corrected cyclic font inheritance problem [16759]
  • Fixed issue where recording continued playing in background when editing. {{Changeset|16765v
  • Added EIT encoding fixes for various fren Astra 19.2E channels. [16792]
  • Fixed starting mythfrontend on the second head of a dual-headed system using the desktop dimensions of the first head. [16813]




  • Fix creating a DVD when the first title, which is used to create the DVD's volumeid, has non ascii characters in it. [16782]
  • Fix comment not terminated error from dvdauthor caused by titles with a double '-' character in the title. [16782]


  • Fixed UPnP nested video directories with PS3 clients [16557]


  • Fixed forget_old when deleting recordings [16806]
  • Added dupe checking to the mythweb video imdb search [16808]