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Important.png Note: Please note that the following reflects changes for an old release of MythTV. The current release is 31.0.

These are an overview of the changes in the 0.23 release of MythTV. Some of these changes, most notably the fixes, have been backported to the 0.22.1 release.

0.23 encompasses revisions from ~[22756] through the 0.23-fixes branch release of ~[24509]

Major changes

  • New event system [23012]
  • Rewritten and greatly expanded python bindings [23416]
  • Addition of MythNetvision Plugin [23123]
  • New audio with surround sound upmixer
  • Addition of Arclight Theme [23275]
  • Channel Scanner - Analog channel scanning fixed [23657]



New Features

  • Rewritten and greatly expanded python bindings [23416]
  • Addition of Arclight Theme [23275]
  • New event system [23012]
  • Rewritten audio (simplified configuration, multi-channels upmixing, automatic resampling).
  • Addition of MythNetvision Plugin [23123]





  • Simplified audio setup (digital audio users will need to edit their settings, typically if using surround setup, change Stereo to 5.1)
  • Channel Scanner - Analog channel scanning fixed [23657]


  • Ability to upmix stereo material to 5.1 and encode as AC3 (similar in quality to DTS Neo)
  • Upmixer toggle
  • Automatic detection of hardware supported sample rates
  • Automatic high-quality bitrate resampling to play any content on any hardware (using SRC library)
  • Preservation of timestretch across stream changes
  • Simplify Audio User Settings
  • Various digital passthrough fixes
  • Fix digital passthrough for windows [22826]
  • Software volume for digital audio

Video Playback

  • FFmpeg sync to revision 21657 [23525]
  • Add AVChapter support (works with Matroska and OGG chapters) [23226] [23231]
  • ITU BT709 colorspace (HD-TV) support and studio levels (RGB 16-235) (with VDPAU only) [22431]
  • Allow multiple dots in external subtitle filenames [22800]
  • Speed up recording playback startup by loading the osd menu more quickly [22784]
  • Removes PVR-350 output support [22845]
  • Internal dvd player - sorts audio tracks based on logical order [23079]
  • Remove the StickyKeys setting for fast forward/rewind [23112] [23362]
  • Scale and position DVD/DVB subtitles according to the display size [23189] [23220]
  • Add support for 2.35:1 aspect ratio override [23210]
  • New improved VDPAU rendering code [23235] [23236]
  • Fix VDPAU high quality scaling [23238]
  • Improved AVFormatDecoder seeking [23288]
  • Fix seeking to the beginning of certain streams that have non-zero start times [23294]
  • Add support for the repeat_pict count and improve the handling of certain A/V sync cases [23321]
  • Add support for MPEG4 hardware acceleration [23340] [23530]
  • 15% faster software H.264 decoder [23525]
  • Don't try and switch renderer if the video resolution is unchanged [23398]
  • Make VideoDisplayProfile options platform dependant [23420]
  • Improved handling of aspect ratio changes in the video stream [23456]
  • Add to configure k8-sse3, opteron-sse3, athlon64-sse3, and barcelona as valid x86 cpus [23534]
  • Use timecode for time based SRT subtitles instead of frameNumber [23744]
  • CEA-708 Subtitling improvements [23769]


  • Speed up font loading in OSD [23402]

Windows Port

Theme Development


  • Fix the Metallurgy 'programguide-video' window definition. [22773]
  • Theme the program details screen in Metallurgy [22781]
  • Punch up some colors in the base.xml so that they are visible on all screens [22913]
  • Add an menu entry in the Info Center menu item for MythTwitter [22916]
  • Tweak metallury's system status screen so things fit a little better [22925]
  • Various MythCenter and MythCenter-wide theme updates [22941] [23377] [23378] [23390] [23487] [23507] [23548] [23577] plus many more
  • Declare the correct charset in the Program Details html [23016]
  • Add welcome-ui.xml to Metallurgy theme
  • Change the time format on Terra's backgrounds to hh:mm [23259]
  • Add the missing state type that indicates whether an image is marked in MythGallery to the Terra theme [23260]
  • Add the iconhelp popup to Terra [23261]
  • Optionally re-enable some of the "Delete Recordings" screen lost in the switch to MythUI [23284] [23293]
  • Allow the themer to show what recording group you are currently in [23326]
  • Make background an optional element for MythUITextEdit [23331]
  • Theme the game detail popup in Terra [23333]
  • Theme part of MythNetvision in Terra [23334]
  • Theme the web browser in Terra [23335]
  • Theme the System Status screen in Terra [23336]
  • Theme the main MythNews window in Terra [23337]
  • Display Video coverart when appropriate in the Blackcurves OSD [23339]
  • Use QFont::setStretch() to allow us to handle non-square pixels such as those on my 16:9 plasma that is only 1024x768 resolution [23382]
  • Remove the old, legacy themes [23442]
  • Add some extra information to the description panel in BlackCurves-OSD [23471]
  • Add a version of welcome-ui.xml to the Terra theme [23580]



  • Automatic font loading for theme-provided fonts, so system installation is no longer required [23594]
  • Allow right mouse clicks to close menus [22818]
  • Convert the DVD/Video bookmark popup to MythUI [23020]
  • Convert the 'View Schedule Changes' screen to mythui [23026]
  • Update MythDialogBox to emit a closed signal passing a reason for the closure [23102]
  • Add Cut, Copy and Paste support to MythUITextEdit [23144]
  • Support DELETE in MythUITextEdit [23153]
  • Allow the middle mouse button to paste from the selection buffer into textedits on platforms which support it [23180]
  • Optimised image loading from cache [23245]
  • Add dynamic buttonlist layouts to MythUIButtonList [23269]
  • Reduce CPU usage in MythUI by 70 ms per second by using a replacement timer class [23304]
  • Adds <minsize> tag to <textarea>, <shape> and <imagetype> [23324]
  • Allow retrieval of text from named textarea in a button list item [23400]
  • Allow a user style sheet to be loaded in MythUIWebBrowser [23714]


  • Removes Xbox blinkenlights support [22786]
  • Removes DBox2 support [22790]
  • Fix incorrect status being displayed in the mythfrontend status box for a tuner that has an error [22860]
  • Add a RemoteFile::Hash method [22886]
  • Adds a GetSettings() method to MythDB to bulk load DB settings (speeds up playback startup) [22919]
  • Fixes the out-of-sync previews on different frontends bug [22932]
  • Speeds up Watch Recordings updates [22955]
  • Reconnect frontend to backend after disconnects [22958]
  • Fix NEXTSOURCE, PREVSOURCE, NEXTINPUT, and NEXTCARD key bindings [23004]
  • Allows all the items in a playlist to be marked as watched/unwatched [23064]
  • Contextualise 'Watch Recordings' menu [23103]
  • Fix keybinding usage consistency issues and keybinding collision between Global EDIT keybinding and TV Frontend CustomEdit keybinding [23106]
  • Change INFO to display the program details on the Program Search and Previously Recorded screens [23109]
  • Remove the "Show Group Summary" setting [23128]
  • Fix pluginname parsing on the mythfrontend command line [23208] [23225]
  • Add some additional guide categories [23257]
  • Don't block LIRC & JOYSTICK when mounting a file-system [23314]
  • Immediately delete recordings from UI when the user deletes them [23388]
  • Restore the minimum truncate rate for slow deletes [23435]
  • Don't block with the myth_system() commands in the screensaver handling [23457]
  • Fix the screenshot filename used with the ScreenShot jump point [23458]
  • When running under a managed session, use that session's tools to shutdown/reboot [23518]
  • Add a --python= option to configure [23526]
  • Sync --extra-cflags handling with ffmpeg's configure [23815]

Network Control

  • Fix playback of filenames with spaces in 'play file' command. [23376]


  • Addition of a new event system to allow external system calls to be triggered on any listening system. [23012]
  • Speeds up the handling of no-file and zero-byte recordings on the backend [23042]
  • Adds an import recorder [23044]
  • Don't try to autoexpire things we've already failed to autoexpire [23054]
  • Removed the ComplexPriority scheduler setting and added a feature to warn when a less preferred showing of a program might be recorded [23118]
  • Don't allow mythbackend to upgrade the schema when called with --printsched, --testsched, --resched, --printexpire, or --generate-preview [23158]
  • Add TCP keepalive to MythSocket connections [23397]
  • Upgrade hdhomerun to version 20100121 of SiliconDust's lib [23468]
  • Add Czech DVB-T frequency table [23600]
  • Add Greek DVB-T Frequency table [23601]
  • Add WMAPRO codec identification [23610]
  • Allow the 'wants' events' field in the ANNounce string to specify whether a client wants to receive (0) no events, (1) all events, (2) non-system events, or (3) only system events [23636]
  • Add SECAM-DK option to list of v4l TV formats [23695]

Mac OS X



  • Add season/episode/subtitle to the title in mytharchive when archiving videos [23255]




  • MythFlix was dropped from MythTV after the 0.22 release [22841]


  • Add some menu entries to mark/unmark a single image or all images in the current directory [23258]


  • Migrate to QT4 [23115]
  • Make MythGame obey the global EDIT action for consistency [23116]


Fixes MythMovies operation due to newly-redirecting server layout [23096]



  • Make a few more widgets optional in MythNews [22780]
  • Use image/jpeg enclosures as thumbnails in MythNews instead of trying to play them [22990]


  • Add MythNetvision as a MythTV Plugin for watching internet content. BETA RELEASE [23123]
  • Handle HTTP Redirects in the RSS Feed Manager [23130]
  • New Grabber for Leo Laporte's (This Week In Tech) [23183]
  • Add options to enable/disable background updating of RSS and site maps [23452]


  • Add a hashing method to MythVideo. Allows the user to move or rename files as they wish without losing metadata. [22866] [22870]
  • Add a new grabber script for version 2.1 of the TMDB API, [22865]
  • Add ReleaseDate and Homepage parsing from the grabber scripts. Integrate MythBrowser popups to view Homepage straight from MythVideo (INFO->Video Info->View Homepage) [22791]
  • Fix jump points not always working properly in MythVideo [23085]


  • Fix MythWeather's location searches following changes at the BBC's Weather Forecast site [22988]
  • Improved location searching in the 'uk_bbc' MythWeather scripts [23732]
  • Add "New York City Doppler Radar 600" animated weather map [23733]
  • Fix the script loading progress bar not always being visible [23734]
  • Fix switching units and locations not working properly [23735]



Support libraries

Python bindings

  • Complete overhaul of internal structure. Intended to abstract database access away from user, replaced by directly editable data objects. [23287]

Utility Applications


  • Modify mythtranscode such that it doesn't attempt to transcode files when --buildindex is used [23363]


Add a --clearskiplist option to mythcommflag to allow clearing the commercial skip list for a recording [22982]






  • - User job for exporting recordings to MythVideo [23313]
  • - FUSE program for mounting recording directories with user defined formatting [23313]
  • - Rework of to remove capacity to rename recordings. [23479]
  • 6200ch - Add support for QIP-6200 and DCX-3432 [23647]
  • 6200ch - Add support for 4-digit channels [23647]
  • Add an upstart script [22801]
  • Remove the file-renaming support from [23474]
  • Modify to allow creating a symlink for a specific recording file using the --filename or --chanid and --starttime arguments [23479]