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* Add a (theme optional) artwork picker to choose which graphics to download and use {{changeset|24961}}
* Add a (theme optional) artwork picker to choose which graphics to download and use {{changeset|24961}}
* Added automatic metadata search after video scan {{changeset|24982}}
* Added automatic metadata search after video scan {{changeset|24982}}
* MythVideo: Add a "processed" flag to the database indicating eligibility for a mass metadata grab. Rebrand Metadata as Details (mythvideo) {{changeset|24980}}
=== [[MythWeather]] ===
=== [[MythWeather]] ===

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Important.png Note: Please note that the following reflects changes for a future release of MythTV. The current release is 31.0.

Important.png Note: This page is actively updated, edited, and modified during the 0.24 development cycle. Expect it to change drastically, on a frequent basis, up until the official release of 0.24. Items may be added, changed, and removed to accurately reflect anticipated functionality and features leading up to the release date.

These are an overview of the changes in the 0.24 release of MythTV. Some of these changes, most notably the fixes, may have been backported to the 0.23 release.


Major Changes

  • Support for unencrypted Blu-ray disc and folder structure playback.
  • Large audio refactor:
    • Multichannel audio, analog or LPCM, output up to 7.1 channels
    • Support audio bit depth > 16 bits (24 bits, 32 bits and float)
    • SSE enhanced audio sample format conversion
    • Audio downmix capability
    • Automatic conversion to audio format supported by the hardware (bit depth, samplerate, channels)
  • Large OSD and Video Playback refactor

New Features

  • Blu-ray folder/disc parsing and playback.




  • Bug fix & minor optimizations to Program Finder when loading programs that start with "A"/"An"/"The" [23853]
  • Smart Pixmap Preview Offset Creation (and eliminated PreviewPixmapOffset setting) [23993]
  • Add a popup to inform the user if there's a mismatched timezone configuration between the frontend and backend [r24037]
  • Move GUI related verbose debugging out of -v file, and into a new -v gui option [24170]
  • Speed up UI navigation in themes with fanart [24721]

Key Bindings & Jump Points

  • Allow local override of the "TV Recording Playback" jump point with the JUMPREC keybinding in TV Playback. [24111]
  • Fix a deadlock when using the NEXTSOURCE/PREVSOURCE key bindings to switch sources in live TV [24274]
  • Remove "System Exit Key" setting and replace it as a key binding [24722]
  • Remove "Independant Muting of Left and Right Audio Channels" setting and add CYCLEAUDIOCHAN key binding [24869]

Guide Data, EIT, Program Info, and Media Metadata

  • EITFixup: heuristic fixup for short events marked as category type "movie" [23973]
  • Major refactor of ProgramInfo [24694]
  • Added a "universal" method of dealing with video, music, and game metadata [24960]
  • Removed KinoX, Allocine, or Alpacine grabbers [24960]




  • Fix editable comboboxes [23803]
  • Tuning: Add DVB-T frequency table for Denmark [23988] and sort DVB tables alphabetically [23989]
  • Fix key binding usage during initial database creation [24839]
  • Miscellaneous grammar/consistency/typo fixes for setup/settings - large impact for translators [25039]


  • Populate the alsa devices in audio setup by using the API, rather than a static list of devices ([23794], [23961], [24272])
  • Enables TrueHD as the prefered audio format when available, and better language selection logic [23874]
  • Major audio re-write, which provides the following improvements [24847]:
    • Timecode fixes / avsync improvements, performance improvements, clean up, and fixes for every output class
    • Fix multichannel volume control
    • Fix multichannel audio, stereo output for a range of codecs
    • Pulseaudio fixes and better support (ALSA still preferred for quality and performance reasons)
    • Output is completely free of clipping
    • Improved buffering in mythmusic, aobase and aoalsa, fewer underruns
  • Fix ALSA mixer to open correct device when multiple devices are present [24864]

Video Playback

  • Add ability to disable the deblocking skiploop filter for h264 decoding ([23981], [23987])
  • DVD Playback: Handle resolution changes more gracefully [23985]
  • Change manual zoom increments from 10% to 5% [24015]
  • Add initial (unencrypted) Blu-ray playback support ([24368], [24370], [24373], and more)
  • Massive refactor related to video output as part of the OSD to MythUI changes. For full details, please see #7650
  • Fix improper aspect ration selection in certain cases [24976]
  • Re-enable postprocess filter [25005]

OSD, EPG, CC, and Subtitles

  • Fix EIA-608/708 captions even if they are not described in the PMT caption descriptors [24016]
  • Add SCTE-20 CEA-608 caption decoding [24059]
  • Fix external subtitles when brackets or parenthesis are in the filename [24108]
  • Fix captions that get stuck on screen due to invalid timestamp [24789]
  • Change subtitle default color to white (instead of yellow) when in non-default containers [24956]
  • Convert OSD to MythUI [24972]
  • Enable coverart, fanart, banners, and screenshots to be leveraged in the OSD [25022]


  • Deprecate 'font', which is superceeded by 'fontdef', in font definitions [24501]
  • Add a SetTextFromMap(QHash<QString, QString> &map) function to MythUIText [24515]
  • Deprecate and warn when gradient is used with imagetype - superceeded in favor of shape+gradient [24518]
  • Drop deprecated font elements, shadow and dropcolor, which were renamed shadowoffset and shadowcolor respectively [24658]
  • Added gradient fill option for fonts [24796]
  • 2 New/Rewritten hardware rendering contexts: OpenGL (MythRenderOpenGL) and Direct3D 9 (MythRenderD3D9) [24822]
  • 3 New theme painters: Direct3D 9 (MythD3D9Painter), QT - QImage (MythQImagePainter), and YUVA (MythYUVAPainter - a sub-class of
  • MythQImagePainter that converts all rendering to the YUV colorspace) [24822]
  • Add MythUIEditBar widget, to leverage themed edit capability in the OSD [24822]

Network Control


  • Smart Preview Pixmap Generation - (In addition: Eliminated redundant pixmap generation) [23993]
  • Fix leaking streamdata in the DVBRecorder (Move basic stream data handling to DTVRecorder) [24002]
  • Extend mythbackend --starttime parse time in both ISO and MythTV formats [24045]
  • HD-PVR: Wait for a keyframe before writing to a new file [24144]
  • Enable the backend to function as the primary central source for internet content sources, scripts, and grabber search requests ([24777], [r24781], [24880], and more)


  • Various minor scheduler cleanups, tweaks, and optimizations ([23798], TBD)
  • Extend the SchedOpenEnd feature to optionally avoid scheduling back-to-back, same channel programs on the same card, allowing pre/post roll times to be honored [24475]
  • Increase slave WOL time to 5 minutes and run wakeup command if not awake after 90 secs. If the slave backend is unable to wake in time, then reschedule around the slave's tuners prior to the scheduled start time. [24630]


  • Many trivial code cleanups and updates based on cppcheck, static analysis, clang, and other coding best practices
  • Cleanup ./configure to reflect current dependencies and remove legacy features
  • Fix guide to show line color for status, conflict, etc. [24039]
  • Additional support to prevent writing to a full disk [24070]
  • Fix channel icon retrieval when filenames are similiar [24637]
  • Fix: Ensure a valid config directory exists before starting MythTV apps [24668]
  • Update HDHomeRun library to current version - 20100519beta1 [24741]
  • Moved various MNV functions to "core" myth libs, making available RSS parsing, grabber script handling, and other various internet-content related functionalities to all plugins and the frontend ([24775], [24777], [24840], more TBD)
  • Fixed the DB schema version check and backup when the DB schema is newer than what a MythTV application understands [24820]

Translations & Localization/Internationalization

  • Update several strings to use numerous form translations ([24195], [24196])
  • Added support for multiple languages for TMDB data [24811]
  • Enabled additional translatable strings:
    • Enable Channel Scanning strings to be translatable [24539]
    • Enable JumpPoint info to be translatable in MythWeb [24916]
    • Enable additional MythWeather screens to be translatable within MythWeb [24920]
    • Enable mythtranscode, mythcommflag, mythlcdserver, and mythfilldatabase status messages to be translatable [24080]
  • Added the following new translations:
    • Added British English Translations for MythTV core and mythplugins ([24191], [24192], [24337])
    • Added US English Translations for mythfrotend and mythplugins, enabling easier translation of plurals in other languages ([24364], [24365])
    • Added Russian translation of MythMusic [24763]
    • Partial Bulgarian translation for mythfrontend [24197]
  • Updated existing translations:
    • Updated Russian MythVideo translations [24940]



  • Arclight themed OSD (for use with forthcoming MythUI OSD-branch merge) ([23875], [23876], [23877], [23879], and many more)
  • Implement copyright textarea for weather-ui.xml [24071]
  • Add tagline textarea and edit metadata widgest [24513]
  • Add artwork selector for MythVideo [24962]
  • Add game selector (GameSel) window for MythGame [24991]


  • Add a clock to recordings screen [24524]


  • Add a basic mythui-enabled OSD theme [24823]


  • Add a basic mythui-enabled OSD theme [24823]


  • Add trackstate icons to MythMusic miniplayer [24683]
  • Add a basic mythui-enabled OSD theme [24823]

Misc. Theme Development


Mac OS X

  • Add Apple remote sequences used in Mac OS X 10.6 [24162]
  • Add a few additional build flag options (-force, -noclean, -srcdir) [24353]
  • Fix fullscreen to work properly without hack [24711]


  • Find correct "Program Files" dir location on 64-bit versions ([23793], [23809])
  • Various other Windows build fixes ([23792],#8121, more TBD)



  • Replace tcrequant with M2VRequantiser for shrinking MPEG2 video [24416]
  • Fix adding MythVideo files when the file is stored in a storage group [24878]




  • Eliminate visible border around images when using OpenGL [24662]
  • Properly rotate pictures regardless of localized exif data [24862]
  • Add support for the MP4 extension [24895]


  • Add metadata and image support ([24989], [24993])
  • Add a grabber for giantbomb.com for game metadata retrieval [25032]


  • MythMovies is no longer supported as of 0.24 and has been removed [24939]


  • Add some events to the music player for state changes like track changed, metadata changed, volume changed, etc. [24599]
  • Improved buffering in mythmusic, aobase and aoalsa, fewer underruns [24847]
  • Mythmusic CD playback buffering fixes [24847]
  • Add a simple track info screen and a volume/mute popup dialog [24619]



  • Add mythtv:season, mythtv:episode, and mythtv:country tags and expose to themers ([24345], [24347], [24348], [24349])
  • Properly initialize a bunch of variables and generally parse items in a cleaner way. Add proper support for iTunes:duration tag which was mis-parsed before. This should fix the totally wrong values for width, height, duration, and a number of others. [24439]
  • Add 7 new grabbers: BBC iPlayer, Hulu, Revision3, The WB, MythNetvision Search, Nature, and Trailers ([24527], [24903])
  • Build list of search grabbers via the DB rather than parsing locally during every entry of the search screen, greatly improving performance ([24535], TBD)
  • Add the ability to subscribe/unsubscribe from Search Grabbers [24551]
  • Allow themers to dynamically combine metadata using toMap function within MythNetvision [24672]
  • Add MythFillNetvision, a CLI tool for updating tree grabbers ([24752], [24759])
  • Improved external player support for MythNetvision ([24745], [24747])
  • RSS feeds can now be updated and refreshed in the UI without exiting/re-entering [24758]
  • Simply and speed up internet search ([24768], [24769])


  • Remove unique bookmark settings for DVD playback, and make bookmark usage consistant across the internal player [23994]
  • Break out of a "Play Folder" action if a video is quit within 10 seconds [24068]
  • Drastically reduce search time in certain scenarios by adding indexes to mythvideo's cast, genre, and country tables [24082]
  • Add support for TMDB movie "Taglines" [24512]
  • Allow themers to dynamically combine metadata using toMap function within MythVideo [24670]
  • Add mass metadata download [24961]
  • Add a (theme optional) artwork picker to choose which graphics to download and use [24961]
  • Added automatic metadata search after video scan [24982]
  • MythVideo: Add a "processed" flag to the database indicating eligibility for a mass metadata grab. Rebrand Metadata as Details (mythvideo) [24980]


  • Add unit (F or C) to temp on 18h screen [23992]
  • Changed kph to km/h [23992]
  • Added copyright to various weather screens [23992]
  • Added UTF-8 support for script output [23992]
  • Changed the local cache file to replace "/" with "-" to prevent conflicts with scripts that use "/" in station names [23992]
  • Added the option to return no data for an item by returning "---" [23992]
  • Increased the size of the location field in weatherdatalayout to varchar(128) [23992]
  • Added yr.no service - 3 day / 6 day / 18 hour (actually 36 hour) [23992]
  • Added wunderground service - 3 day / 6 day [23992]


  • Updated for tmdb.pl changes and cover art storage groups [23859]
  • Remove unused Time Stretch setting on recording rules [24633]
  • Fix commfree/commmethod usage in MythWeb's lite template [24801]
  • Fix TimeZone issues when importing ical/ics files into Google Calendar [24910]
  • Minor flash player improvements [24911]
  • Fix "force http" setting for streaming [24912]
  • Fix 404 when starting back playback via MythWeb [24914]
  • Fix schedule information afer updating a recording rule [24915]
  • Fix streaming of in-progress recordings [24917]
  • Allow flash player to seek to any position which has been loaded from the server [24919]
  • Fix streaming of videos in storage groups [24924]
  • Fix UTF-8 in the search box [24929]
  • Fix streaming in certain instances when frame size wasn't rounded properly [24931]
  • Properly handle multiple/reverse proxies [24933]
  • Fix deletion of channels under certain circumstances [24934]
  • Allow extended search options to be used globally rather than just to the advanced search [24936]
  • Add a new skin - "Clean Blue" [25006]
  • Bump min. required PHP version to >= 5.3 [25017]
  • Many changes related to cache handling
  • Dynamically preview skin selections [25021]


Support libraries

Python bindings

  • Improve searches for recordings, program guide, and videos with multiple cast/genre/countries ([24223], [24221])
  • Add "mythwikiscripts" command, which lists all scripts on the wiki, and allows users to select and download scripts [24284]
  • Add "mythpython" command for quick access to the python interpreter with all MythTV classes and functions available [24282]
  • Add MythBE.getConflictedRecordings to return a list of conflicting Program objects in the scheduler [24294]
  • Add new System Event handler, MythSystemEvent, using the event handling routines [24316]
  • Check for Python dependencies in ./configure ([24573], [24577], [24764])
  • Conversion of TMDB Python grabber to be consistent with the universal metadata lookup format [24906], [24944]

Perl bindings

  • Check for Perl dependencies in ./configure ([24587], [24764])
  • Update MythTV::Channel, added and removed references [24799]

Utility Applications


  • Ensure unique programid generation for XMLTV-based grabbers that provide episode and season numbers [24724]
  • Fix, simplfy, and improve the handling of star ratings from xmltv [24767]






  • Check the status of MTD to prevent interrupting a rip/transcode in progress [24069]