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* Add ISDB frequency table for Chile {{changeset|25198}}
* Add ISDB frequency table for Chile {{changeset|25198}}
* Add DVB-T frequency table for Denmark {{changeset|23988}}
* Add DVB-T frequency table for Denmark {{changeset|23988}}
* Show local screen on mythfrontend and mythtv-setup if country or language is not defined {{changeset|26754}}
* Show locale screen on mythfrontend and mythtv-setup if country or language is not defined {{changeset|26754}}
* Add flags of the world to default theme for use in locale selections {{changeset|25556}}
* Add flags of the world to default theme for use in locale selections {{changeset|25556}}
* Add Cyrillic support to the Program Finder {{changeset|26050}}
* Add Cyrillic support to the Program Finder {{changeset|26050}}

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Important.png Note: Please note that the following reflects changes for a future release of MythTV. The current release is 31.0.

Important.png Note: This page is actively updated, edited, and modified during the 0.24 development cycle. Expect it to change drastically, on a frequent basis, up until the official release of 0.24. Items may be added, changed, and removed to accurately reflect anticipated functionality and features leading up to the release date.

These are an overview of the changes in the 0.24 release of MythTV. Some of these changes, most notably the fixes, may have been backported to the 0.23.1 release.


New Features

Major Changes

  • Large audio refactor:
    • Auto population of soundcard devices in settings
    • Multichannel audio, analog or LPCM, output up to 7.1 channels
    • Support audio bit depth > 16 bits (24 bits, 32 bits and float)
    • SSE enhanced audio sample format conversion
    • Audio downmix capability
    • Automatic conversion to audio format supported by the hardware (bit depth, samplerate, channels)
  • Large OSD, Captioning/subtitle, and Video Playback refactor
  • Support for (unencrypted) ISOs, VIDEO_TS, and BDMV over storage groups

Prerequisite Changes

Minimum version changes
  • Qt - minimum version is now version 4.5 or higher
  • PHP - minimum version is now version 5.3 or higher (Required for Mythweb)
Added support libraries/prerequisites
  • dcraw - added for RAW photo format support in MythGallery (Optional for MythGallery, --enable-dcraw)
  • python-lxml - at least "libxml" version 2.7.2 or higher (Required for certain grabber scripts for MythNetvision)
Removed support libraries/prerequisites
  • libfaad - support removed, replaced with native ffmpeg capabilities
  • libfribidi - no longer required for Right-To-Left text support in OSD




New Features
  • Add "Smart Pixmap Preview Offset Creation" - dynamically creates thumbnail preview location (and eliminates PreviewPixmapOffset setting) [23993]
  • Add a popup to inform the user if there's a mismatched timezone configuration between the frontend and backend [r24037]
  • Add a custom rule example for re-recording SD shows when/if it re-airs in HD [25056]
  • Add channel changing monitoring capabilities - allows feedback to the user during Live TV channel changes and allows for scenarios where channel changes may take a long time (e.g., IR blasters, channel changing scripts, etc.) [25543], [25544]
Bug Fixes
  • Fix and optimize the Program Finder when loading programs that start with "A"/"An"/"The" [23853]
  • Fix and cleanup recording group password handling in Watch Recordings [25746]
  • Fix an issue where all recordings would be displayed under the default recording group when using the 'Show Recording Groups' view [26164]
  • Fix an issue with some recordings not showing up in the Watch Recordings screen if there was a space at the start or end of the title [26201]
  • Enable use of custom transcoding profiles - custom profiles could always be created, but now can be used when transcoding from "Watch Recordings" [26267]
  • Fix a crash when using the Advanced Search dialog [26269]
  • Fix Live TV recordings showing up when they shouldn't have in the Watch Recordings screen [26274]
  • Fix guide to show line color for status, conflict, etc. [24039]
  • Fix the EPG to honor the last channel group set or the default channel group in respect of the "Remember Last Channel Group" setting instead of just showing all channels [26734]

depending on how the 'Remember Last Channel Group' setting is set.

  • Move GUI related verbose debugging out of -v file, and into a new -v gui option [24170]
  • Speed up UI navigation in themes with fanart [24721]
  • Improve GPU memory management - improves performances with VDPAU capable cards that only have 256MB of memory when leveraging VDPAU rendering with the VDPAU painter [25644]
  • Switch to ratings base of 10 - consistent across recordings, videos, and music [25778]
  • Refactor cut list editor UI to take advantage of new MythUI features/functionality (also fixes many open tickets related to the cut list editor) [26111]
  • Don't redraw the Recording Rules screen when a rule is deleted to prevent losing position [25764]
  • Don't redraw the Status Box list when deleting or updating an item to prevent losing position [26203]
  • Save and use last tuned channel for entering Live TV [26320]
  • Rename MythAppearances to "ScreenWizard" [25623]
  • Removed the following settings:
    • "PreviewPixmapOffset" - Leverage new Smart Preview Offset instead of one-size-fits-all setting {{changeset|23993}
    • "EPGEnableJumpToChannel" - Leverage arrows and numbers as most users typically would [25400]
    • "Display Channel Icons", "What to call unknown programs", and "What category to give unknown programs" settings - set to reasonable defaults/themer's design [25406]
    • "Use Transparent Boxes", and "Popup background shading method" settings - Not applicable/no longer used [25408]
    • "Change channels immediately without select" - Confusing and causes channel seeking issues in specific cases in Live TV [25409]
    • QT Font Size Settings - Not leveraged in MythUI [25410]
    • "Generate Preview image remotely" - All are generated remotely now (Hide additional settings until video previews are re-introduced) [25435]
    • "Theme Cache Size" - Hard coded to cache last 2 themes [25485]
    • Keep reboot and halt settings, but remove the defaults for new installs [25433]
    • System Exit Key - Replace with keybindings [24722]
    • "Independant Muting of Left and Right Audio Channels" - replace with CYCLEAUDIOCHAN key binding [24869]
    • DVD Ripping Settings Screens - DVD import/riping support has been removed, so remove settings [25876]
    • "Always stream recordings from the backend" - Look for files locally first, and if not found then stream from backend [26011]
    • UDP Notify Port - UDP OSD notifications have not yet been ported to the new mythui OSD yet and have been disabled for this release [26069]
    • Remove several OSD settings - OSD Timeout, OSD Notify Timeout, OSD Caption Font - will be handled by the OSD theme ([25102], [25104], [25105])
    • Remove the old setting for choosing the theme from the Appearance Settings section - Replaced with Theme Download chooser [26478]

Key Bindings, Jump Points, and Input Devices

New Features
  • Add support for AppleTV remote codes [26275]
  • Add support for newer Aluminium Apple remotes [26287]
  • Add an additional keybinding to exit to the DVD menu, rather than exiting playback.
  • New keybinding "SAVEMAP" which can be used when editing a recording cut list (no default mapping) [26111]
Bug Fixes
  • Fix LIRC handling of keys with modifiers (Alt+Esc, Ctrl+Y, etc.) [25407]
  • Fix a deadlock when using the NEXTSOURCE/PREVSOURCE key bindings to switch sources in live TV [24274]
  • Fix the ability to bind to Ctrl-L [26204]
  • Update LIRC client to LIRC release 0.8.6 [25415]
  • Allow local override of the "TV Recording Playback" jump point with the JUMPREC keybinding in TV Playback [24111]
  • Remove "System Exit Key" setting and replace it as a key binding [24722]
  • Remove "Independant Muting of Left and Right Audio Channels" setting and add CYCLEAUDIOCHAN key binding [24869]
  • Modify key binding behaviors within the cut list editor to be more consistent with the rest of MythTV [26111]
  • Re-enable EJECT keybindings (missing since ~0.21) [26620]
      • (CLEANUP) Only allow a user to switch card inputs if there is another card input to select [26014]

Guide Data, EIT, Program Info, and Media Metadata

New Features
  • Add a "universal" method of handling video, music, and game metadata [24960]
  • Add support for "Studio" attribute (including "Browse By" and statetype support for themes) [26136]
  • Add EIT Fixups for Norwegian NRK DVB-T transmissions [26355]
  • Add Dish Network (DishNET) specific EIT enhancements and features ([26503], [26504], [26505], [26506], [26507])
Bug Fixes
  • EIT: Fix misclassification of program type in certain countries - Only events longer than 75 minutes are considered to be movies. All other events are classified as TV shows [23973]
  • Major refactor of ProgramInfo [24694]
  • Removed KinoX, Allocine, or Alpacine grabbers [24960]
  • Output an error if Schedules Direct data is not properly parsed [25999]
  • If image directories don't exist, attempt to create before downloading artwork [26363]


New Features
  • Add m4a audio MIME type [25265]
  • Add additional ogg-related MIME types [25589]
  • Add date to each video/recording [25668]
  • Add AlbumArt attribute which works for PS3 [25668]
Bug Fixes
  • Fix compatibility issues with certain DLNA devices [25390]
  • Enable UPnP in Mac backend package [25118]
  • Change matroska(mkv) video MIME type to work with certain DLNA devices [25300]
  • Add/Enhance support for Windows 7, WMP 12 (and older), Xbox 360, and XBMC [25763]
  • Remove the HTTP server on port 6549 used for SSDP backend discovery [26382]
    • Used a random port, allowing multiple simultaneous connections
    • Fixes issues with mytpreviewgen, mythcommflag, and others conflicting for a common port
    • Note: SSDP search only seems to be effective if there is a config.xml file with a USN in the DefaultBackend section


New Features
  • Populate the ALSA devices in audio setup by using the API, rather than a static list of devices ([23794], [23961], [24272])
  • Scan and auto-populate audio device settings [25164]
  • Enable device scan for DirectX audio settings (Windows build) [26251]
  • Add support for 16-bit DVD PCM audio [26388]
Bug Fixes
  • Fix ALSA mixer to open correct device when multiple devices are present [24864]
  • Fix potential issue with multi-channel ordering when seeking/pausing if using OSS [25878]
  • Fix support for snd-bt87x via ALSA [26261]
  • Many additional bugs fixed as part of the audio refactor/re-write mentioned below
  • Enable TrueHD as the prefered audio format when available, and better language selection logic [23874]
  • Major audio re-write, which provides the following improvements [24847]:
    • Timecode fixes / avsync improvements, performance improvements, clean up, and fixes for every output class
    • Fix multichannel volume control
    • Fix multichannel audio, stereo output for a range of codecs
    • Pulseaudio fixes and better support (ALSA still preferred for quality and performance reasons)
    • Output is completely free of clipping
    • Improved buffering in mythmusic, aobase and aoalsa, fewer underruns

Video Playback

New Features
Bug Fixes
  • Fix improper aspect ratio selection in certain cases [24976]
  • Fix rare MPEG4 decoding/artifact issue properly #3001 [25805]
  • Fix "bottom line video corruption" when playing back HD-PVR clips using VDPAU [26072]
  • Fix a number of locking problems in the RingBuffer - optimizes performance including seeking, fixes a few conditions which could cause segfaults, and fixes a problem where files might not play back [26101]
  • Fix seeking to near the end of an in progress recording ([26485], [26486])
  • Workaround for out-of-sync playback with invalid dts/pts combinations [26722]
  • DVD Playback: Handle resolution changes more gracefully [23985]
  • Change manual zoom increments from 10% to 5% [24015]
  • Massive refactor related to video output as part of the OSD-to-MythUI changes
    • For full details, please see #7650
  • Re-enable postprocess filter [25005]
  • Improved Direct3D rendering ([25222], [25223], [25225], and more)
  • Updated DVD libraries [25514]
  • Better video timestamp handling which may improve AV-sync under certain conditions ([25652], [25653], [25654], [25661], [25665], [25766])
  • Sync to FFmpeg r24880 (from r21657)[25803], some of the major new and improved features:
    • Native VP8 decoder, AAC SBR and PS (full HeAACv2 support), WebM, libvpx, DXVA2, indeo5, wmavoice, binkvideo, amr-nblib, faad decoder is removed and for now LATM-support
  • Disable OpenGL vsync
    • Affects XVideo, XvMC, and OpenGL playback on linux - please ensure appropriate sync to vblank settings are enabled in the driver - see changeset for more details [26314]
  • Enable XVideo sync to vblank when available [26400]
  • Disable video rendering when embedded and the video is fully obscured [26421]
  • Add a visual indication that we are seeking and still alive when seeking in files without a position map [26487]
  • Don't clear video buffers on playback start - ensures we have a video frame when a DVD starts with a still video frame [26632]
  • Disable window resizing when using XVideo output [26686] - see details here #7408
  • Increased the Live TV ringbuffer timeout from 2 seconds to 10 seconds [26687]
  • Improve rew/ff speed accuracy ([26689], [26696], [26760])
  • DVD Playback refactoring and improvements (several changesets)

OSD, EPG, CC, and Subtitles

New Features
  • Add SCTE-20 CEA-608 caption decoding [24059]
  • Enable coverart, fanart, banners, and screenshots to be leveraged in the OSD [25022], [26108]
  • Add an OSD subtitle font setting [25692]
  • Add "tvstate" string to OSD - Can provide context of what is being watched (i.e., Live TV, Recording, DVD, etc.) [25705]
  • Add "videocodec" and "videocodecdesc" status support to OSD ([25728], [26067])
  • Add "audiocodec" and "videodescrip" state information support to OSD ([25750], [25753])
  • Add "rating" statetype support to the OSD [26331]
  • Add support for embedded text subtitle streams ([25769], [25770], [25771])
  • Add support for XSub subtitles (found in DivX) [25866]
Bug Fixes
  • Fix EIA-608/708 captions even if they are not described in the PMT caption descriptors [24016]
  • Fix external subtitles when brackets or parenthesis are in the filename [24108]
  • Fix captions that get stuck on screen due to invalid timestamp [24789]
  • Fix language selection when using teletext captions [25640]
  • Respect "Use Black Background for Closed Captions" setting when using text subtitles [25671]
  • Fix AV Subtitles which have a duration of "0", also account for playback speed (i.e., pause and timestretch) ([25670], [25674], [25756])
  • Fix teletext in Live TV [25696]
  • Fix playback of captions when defaulted to "on" and more than one caption stream is detected [25702]
  • Add 100ms delay for DiSEqC commands - fixes certain configurations [25973]
  • Fix parsing and display of standard definition subtitles transmitted with an HD stream (via DVB) [26090]
  • Change subtitle default color to white (instead of yellow) when in non-default containers [24956]
  • Convert OSD to MythUI - [24972]
    • Major Refactor, see ticket #7650 for complete details
  • Remove several OSD settings (listed below), which will be handled by the OSD theme ([25102], [25104], [25105])
    • OSD Timeout, OSD Notify Timeout, OSD Caption Font, and more
  • Enable OSD timeout values to be either a short (3 secs), medium (5 secs), or long (10 secs) value [25465]
  • Reorganized OSD menu and make the content consistent (remove OSD menu editor customization settings) - slight performance gain [25640]
  • Display available subtitle selections regardless of region/format configurations (PAL/NTSC, etc.) [25697]
  • Scan for teletext menus as well as teletext captions and use the results to populate the OSD menu [25699]
  • Better handle text, CC-608, CC-708, and teletext subtitles in zoom mode [25729]
  • Use the OSD subtitle zoom percentage to adjust the size of external and embedded raw text subtitles - supports external text, embedded text, and CC-708 [26069]
  • Only display the audio track selection in the OSD menu if there are multiple tracks [26289]
  • Pause video when launching the Program Finder in Live TV [26416]


New Features
  • Add a SetTextFromMap(QHash<QString, QString> &map) function to MythUIText [24515]
  • Added gradient fill option for fonts [24796]
  • 2 New/Rewritten hardware rendering contexts: OpenGL (MythRenderOpenGL) and Direct3D 9 (MythRenderD3D9) [24822]
  • 3 New theme painters: Direct3D 9 (MythD3D9Painter), QT - QImage (MythQImagePainter), and YUVA (MythYUVAPainter - a sub-class of MythQImagePainter that converts all rendering to the YUV colorspace) [24822]
  • Add MythUIEditBar widget, to leverage themed edit capability in the OSD [24822]
  • Enable MythUI to display images via HTTP, HTTPS, and FTP URIs [25233]
  • Add support for ellipse shapes [25617]
  • Enable <helptext> code, which can provide context sensitive help menus [25682]
  • Add initial support for animated images (no caching) [25801]
  • Add a new list wrapping Method - "WrapFlowing" - useful for navigating grid layouts [26229]
Bug Fixes
  • Fix image retrieval when a redirect is encountered [25287]
  • Fix progress bar appearing full before progress has been made [26058]
  • Smarter caching in MythPainter [26085]
    • An additional side effect is more efficient memory usage during VDPAU playback with cards that have <= 256MB RAM
  • Deprecated tags/attributes as of .24:
    • Deprecate "font", which is superceeded by "fontdef", in font definitions [24501]
  • Removed tags/attributes as of .24:
    • Remove deprecated <bold> tag - replace with <weight>bold</weight> [26026]
    • Remove deprecated <secondflash> attribute [26027]
    • Remove deprecated <underline> attribute - replaced with <decoration>underline</decoration>[26028]
    • Remove deprecated font elements, "shadow" and "dropcolor", which were renamed "shadowoffset" and "shadowcolor" respectively [24658]
    • Remove deprecated "gradient" imagetype - superceeded in favor of shape+gradient ([24518], [26395])

Network Control

New Features
  • Add ability to query for the channel list [25721]
  • Add ability to query and control volume [25722]
Bug Fixes
  • Fix playback speed control inconsistencies [26217]
  • Fix ability to control preview generation and take screenshots [26283]


New Features
  • Smart Preview Pixmap Generation - (In addition: Eliminated redundant pixmap generation) [23993]
  • Enable the backend to function as the primary central source for internet content sources, scripts, and grabber search requests ([24777], [r24781], [24880], and more)
  • Add a caching download manager to the backend [25351]
  • Add the capture/encoder device label to the backend status page [25411]
Bug Fixes
  • Fix leaking streamdata in the DVBRecorder (Move basic stream data handling to DTVRecorder) [24002]
  • Extend mythbackend --starttime parse time in both ISO and MythTV formats [24045]
  • Run mythfilldatabase automatically by default in cases were mythtv-setup is not run (matches mythtv-setup's default setting) [26063]
      • CLEANUP * HD-PVR: Wait for a keyframe before writing to a new file [24144]
      • CLEANUP * HD-PVR: Implement signal monitor to determine when the device is ready to record [25544]

Tuner/Recorder Support


New Features
  • Add another DCX-3200 model number (0x25f1) [25768]
Bug Fixes
  • Fix support for PACE boxes [25608]
  • Fix several models which were incorrectly added in the past [25624]


  • Update HDHomeRun library to current version - 20100519beta1 [24741]


Dummy Recorder


New Features
  • Allow the scheduler to attempt to re-record a failed recording (if the rule type permits) [25383]
  • Various minor scheduler cleanups, tweaks, and optimizations [23798]
  • Extend the SchedOpenEnd feature to optionally avoid scheduling back-to-back, same channel programs on the same card, allowing pre/post roll times to be honored [24475]
  • Increase slave WOL time to 5 minutes and run wakeup command if not awake after 90 secs. If the slave backend is unable to wake in time, then reschedule around the slave's tuners prior to the scheduled start time. [24630]
  • Optimize scheduler performance by only factoring against shows that start now or in the future (and not too far in the past) ([25498], [25517])

Setup / mythtv-setup

New Features
  • Tuning: Add DVB-T frequency table for Denmark [23988] and sort DVB tables alphabetically [23989]
Bug Fixes
  • Fix editable comboboxes [23803]
  • Fix key binding usage during initial database creation [24839]
  • Multiple fixes, improvements, and optimizations with the channel scanner ([26154], [26155], [26168], [26177], [26187])
    • Fix QAM, SCTE, and OpenCable scanning issues - A full scan of Cable in the US/Canada should now produce expected channel numbering on a clean database without conflicts
  • Fix ability to hit "escape" when trying to cancel a channel scan [26209]
  • Fix - Update the status text in the icon downloader after each search [26213]
  • Miscellaneous grammar/consistency/typo fixes for setup/settings - large impact for translators [25039]
  • Port language selection prompt to MythUI and add many new features/fixes [25707]
  • Remove "Cross Source EIT" setting [25813]
  • Only display DiSEqC configuration button for relevant card types [26241]
  • Hide non-visible channels in start channel selection [26424]


New Features
  • Additional support to prevent writing to a full disk [24070]
  • Moved various MythNetvision functions to "core" myth libs, making available RSS parsing, grabber script handling, and other various internet-content related functionalities to all plugins and the frontend ([24775], [24777], [24840], and more)
  • Add a MythDownloadManager class which can be used to download files via MYTH, HTTP, HTTPS, and FTP URIs ([25232], [25351])
  • Add built-in support for handling and decompressing zip files (leverage GPL zip file handling class by Angius Fabrizio) [25270]
  • Add two new Storage Groups - "Temp" and "Themes" [25351]
  • Create "libmythmetadata" - centralizes video metadata, scanning, parental controls, etc into a common central library (currently only leveraged for MythVideo) [25895]
  • Add a "Scan All" option for locating videos across local, network, and video storage directories [26032]
  • Require clients to pass a unique token in addition to protocol version when attempting to connect to the backend ([26280], [26281]) - see ticket #8877 for more details
  • If the database connection is down on entry, retry connecting before failing [26225]
Bug Fixes
  • Fix channel icon retrieval when filenames are similiar [24637]
  • Ensure a valid config directory exists before starting MythTV apps [24668]
  • Fixed the DB schema version check and backup when the DB schema is newer than what a MythTV application understands [24820]
  • Fix "Delete but allow to re-record" to ensure that the program is no longer recording before trying to reschedule [25363]
  • Fix Channel Groups with names containing DB-special characters [26005]
  • Fix remote HTTP screenshot feature (i.e., http://<frontendhost>:6547/MythFE/GetScreenShot) and support png(default), jpg, and gif file types with optional format parameter [26240], [26242]
  • Fix previews for 1080i content from showing green lines at the bottom [26340]
  • Fix a possible segfault when initializing playback while using an LCD/VFD [26392]
  • Fix an issue reconnecting after a suspend (or other loss of backend command/event sockets) [26433]
  • Many trivial code cleanups and updates based on cppcheck, static analysis, clang, and other coding best practices
  • Cleanup ./configure to reflect current dependencies and remove legacy features
  • Bump minimum required version of QT to 4.5 [25249]
  • Allow storage groups to contain non-ASCII characters [25512]
  • Rebrand "Commercial Flagging" as "Commercial Detection"
  • Remove fribidi requirements as QT4 handles LTR language support [25806]
  • Optimize "remote" file read (i.e., streaming) performance from frontends to backends, particularly when they are on the same hardware [25987]
  • Removed libfaad ([25803], [25994])
  • Optimize, refactor, and speed up preview generation and transport [26106]
  • Renamed NuppelVideoPlayer to MythPlayer [25555]
  • Add build support for Qt 4.7

Translations & Localization/Internationalization

New Features
  • Add support for multiple languages for TMDB data [24811]
  • Add ISDB frequency table for Chile [25198]
  • Add DVB-T frequency table for Denmark [23988]
  • Show locale screen on mythfrontend and mythtv-setup if country or language is not defined [26754]
  • Add flags of the world to default theme for use in locale selections [25556]
  • Add Cyrillic support to the Program Finder [26050]
  • Add MythLocale class, which can read and set location based defaults and ease setup [24942]
    • Add Great Britain (English) locale defaults [24942]
    • Add US (English) locale defaults [25425]
    • Add France (French) locale defaults [26612]
    • Add Denmark (Danish) locale defaults [26640]
    • Add Norway (Norwegian Bokmål) locale defaults [26641]
    • Add Estonia (Estonian) locale defaults [26642]
    • Add Russia (Russian) locale defaults [26680]
Bug Fixes
  • Fix several inconsistencies in the source regarding capitalization, ellipses, words and phrases, and units across themes, plugins, and core MythTV [25354]
  • Fix translation of theme strings containing newline (\n) characters [26053]
  • Fix "pulsed" OSD text used in the the countdown timer to be translatable [26070]
  • Fix plural translations in mythfrontend's playbackbox (PBB) and Program List (proglist) [26151]
  • Remove all known "empty strings" which could not be translated or removed in linguist
  • Update several strings to use numerous form translations ([24195], [24196])
  • Fallback to en_US when locale cannot be determined from the system [25700]
  • Remove translations in menu XML files, and eliminate duplicate locations where translations are made (.ts files only now) ([25632], [25633], [25789])
  • Enabled additional translatable strings:
    • Enable Channel Scanning strings to be translatable [24539]
    • Enable JumpPoint info to be translatable in MythWeb [24916]
    • Enable additional MythWeather screens to be translatable within MythWeb [24920]
    • Enable mythtranscode, mythcommflag, mythlcdserver, and mythfilldatabase status messages to be translatable [24080]
    • Enable theme descriptors and errata in the theme chooser to be translatable [26249]
  • Added the following new translations:
    • Add British English Translations for MythTV core and all mythplugins (including mythweb) ([24191], [24192], [24337], [25480], [25655], [25656], [25660], [26054], [26132], [26157], [26167], [26315], [26376], )
    • Add US English Translations for MythFrontend and all MythPlugins (including MythWeb), enabling easier translation of plurals in other languages ([24364], [24365], [25627], [26372], [26419], [26628])
    • Add Russian translation of MythMusic, MythArchive, MythGame, and MythZoneMinder ([24763], [26330])
    • Add Estonian translations of MythZoneminder [25775]
    • Add Partial Bulgarian translation for mythfrontend [24197]
    • Add Hellenic (Greek) translations for MythArchive, MythBrowser, Mythgallery, MythGame, MythMusic, MythWeather, and MythNetvision ([25893], [26345])
    • Add Dutch translation of MythNetvision [26346]
    • Add Portuguese translations of MythArchive, MythBrowser, MythNetvision, and MythZoneminder ([26403], [26537])
    • Add Norwegian Bokmål translations of MythNetvision, MythWeb, and MythZoneminder ([26490], [26623])
    • Add German translations of MythNetvision and MythZoneminder [26516]
    • Add Japanese translations of MythNetvision and MythBrowser [26758]
  • Updated existing translations:
    • Updated Russian MythFrontend, MythVideo, MythBrowser, MythGallery, MythWeather, and MythNews translations ([24940], [25358], [25482], [26160], [26330], [26344], [26373])
    • Updated Italian MythFrontend translations [25359]
    • Updated Hungarian MythFrontend, MythVideo, and MythNews translations ([25481], [26318])
    • Updated Estonian Mythfrontend and MythPlugins (sans MythWeb) translations ([25775], [26158], [26374], [26635], [26789])
    • Updated Hellenic (Greek) translations for MythFrontend and MythVideo ([25893], [26180], [26181], [26345])
    • Updated Spanish MythGame, MythArchive, MythVideo, MythBrowser, MythGallery, MythNews, MythWeather, and MythFrontend translations ([26105], [26159], [26171], [26553], [26555])
    • Updated Dutch MythFrontend and all MythPlugins (including MythWeb) translations ([26156], [26170], [26346], [26501], [26625])
    • Updated Norwegian Bokmål MythFrontend, MythArchive, MythBrowser, MythGallery, MythGame, MythMusic, MythNews, MythVideo, and MythWeather translations ([26347], [26490], [26610], [26790])
    • Updated French MythFrontend and all MythPlugins (including MythWeb) translations ([26371], [26626])
    • Updated Danish MythFrontend and all MythPlugins (including MythWeb) translations ([26366], [26598])
    • Updated Portuguese MythFrontend, MythGallery, MythGame, MythMusic, MythNews, MythVideo, and MythWeather ([26403], [26537])
    • Updated Brazillian Portuguese MythFrontend translations [26406]
    • Updated Finnish MythFrontend, MythArchive, MythBrowser, MythGallery, MythGame, MythMusic, MythNews, MythVideo, and MythWeather translations ([26417], [26599])
    • Updated German MythFrontend, MythArchive, MythBrowser, MythGallery, MythGame, MythMusic, MythNews, MythVideo, and MythWeather translations [26516]
    • Updated Czech MythFrontend translations [26536]
    • Updated Swedish MythFrontend and all MythPlugins (including MythWeb) translations [26570]
    • Updated Japanese MythFrontend, MythGallery, and MythNews translations ([26624], [26758])
    • Updated Polish MythFrontend translations [26713]


General spelling and string consistency clean-up of all themes.



  • Add a basic mythui-enabled OSD theme [25293]



  • Add a clock to recordings screen [24524]


  • Add a basic mythui-enabled OSD theme [24823]



  • Add trackstate icons to MythMusic miniplayer [24683]
  • Add a basic mythui-enabled OSD theme ([24823], [26298])
  • Display the production year of a search result to help distinguish between results with identical title [25948]

Misc. Theme Development

New Features
  • Add new image preview and textarea options in the channel editor and icon importer [24073]
  • Add a DTD and XSD for validation and restrictions in mythui themes ([24500], [24511], [24666], [24516], [24538], [24503], [24505], [24544], [24998], [26444], and others)
  • Add a basic mythui-enabled OSD for default and default-wide themes [24823]
  • Add artwork selector to default/default-wide [24961]
  • Add a "Theme Downloader" which can browse, download, and add themes directly in the UI ([25275], [25351], and more)
  • Add a new "Theme Chooser" screen to browse and select local and downloadable themes ([26002], [26017], [26210], and more)
  • Add video info (width, height, framerate, and codec) to default OSD theme [25888]
  • Add flags of the world to default theme for use in locale selections [25556]
Bug Fixes
  • Restore menu theme fallback behavior [24036]
  • Removed the following old OSD themes which were no longer compatible with the new MythUI capable OSD [25117]
    • Iulius-OSD, Mono-OSD, ProjectGrayhem-OSD, Retro-OSD, Titivillus-OSD, blootube-OSD, blueosd, BlackCurves-OSD, Gray-OSD, and isthmus
  • Update the FreeFont fonts distributed with MythTV to the current 20090104 version [25382]
  • Cleaned up menu theme files - removed dead plugins and translations are now in .ts files ([25632], [25638], [25633])
  • Add a few high resolution theme preview images as the new theme downloader can present them at fullscreen ([25929], [25930], [26312])
  • Replace previously deprecated (and now not permitted) <bold> tag with <weight>bold</weight> [26026]


Mac OS X

New Features
Bug Fixes
  • Add a few additional build flag options (-force, -noclean, -srcdir) [24353]
  • Enable Apple-W key combination to work [25263]
  • Remove broken OS X DVD video acceleration [25475]
  • Take MythTranscode.app out of app list packaged for backend builds [25800]
  • A plethora of misc. small OS X build cleanup, fixes, and optimizations


New Features
  • Add Direct3D as a UI paint engine option on Windows [25241]
  • Download all dependencies from a single source - the mythtv-for-windows google code project (http://code.google.com/p/mythtv-for-windows) [25892]
  • Stage preliminary support for DXVA2 hardware accelerated video decoding on Windows Vista and 7 (*not officially supported in 0.24) [26100]
  • Enable device scan for DirectX audio settings [26251]



Bug Fixes
  • Fix adding MythVideo files when the file is stored in a storage group [24878]
  • Fix thumbnail image finder to display the correct frame [25067]
  • Fix creation of DVDs which contain video titles containing special characters that need escaped [26667]
  • Replace tcrequant with M2VRequantiser for shrinking MPEG2 video [24416]
  • Improve stream ordering when using ProjectX [25063]


  • Add a setting to enable/disable the use of browser plugins - prevents crashes with certain combinations of Qt/WebKit/Flash [26729]



New Features
  • Add support for the MP4 extension [24895]
  • Add "Reduce to fit" scaling option - same as "Scale to fit" except it won't scale images up, only down [25659]
  • Add support for RAW photo formats - requires dcraw (--enable-dcraw) [25667]
Bug Fixes
  • Trim exif data to prevent false display of null captions [25361]
  • Fix Jump Points while in mythgallery [25666]
  • Fix displaying EXIF info when using QPainter [25780]
  • Fix crash when entering empty gallery directories [26214]
  • Fix crash when using "Show Devices" [26266]
  • Eliminate visible border around images when using OpenGL [24662]
  • Properly rotate pictures regardless of localized exif data [24862]
  • Swap up/down scrolling behavior for consistency [25662]


New Features
  • Add metadata and image support ([24989], [24993])
  • Add a grabber for giantbomb.com for game metadata retrieval [25032]
Bug Fixes
  • Fix scan when extensions field is left empty [25779]
  • Fix crash when a game doesn't have a valid command line/executable configured [25793]

Allow MythFrontend to continue processing events while a game is running [26708]


  • MythMovies is no longer supported as of 0.24 and has been removed [24939]


New Features
  • Add a simple track info screen and a volume/mute popup dialog [24619]
  • Add the framework to be able to play from sources other than locally accessible files (i.e., future support for storage groups, streaming, etc) ([25473], [25520], and more)
  • Add preliminary Shoutcast support (No UI until MythUI is implemented in MythMusic) [25524]
Bug Fixes
  • Fix CD playback & CD buffering issues ([24847], [25561])
  • Fix a segfault when editing a playlist and other various tasks [25560]
  • Fix playback of songs with "#" in the filename [25649]
  • Fix playback of playlists that contained songs with accented characters [25650]
  • Fix crash of test playback on the Import Music screen [25651]
  • Fix saving current position when exiting playback screen and resume mode is set to "track" or "exact" [25681]
  • Fix a bug where it was required to exit mythfrontend before new tracks would appear after importing new music or ripping a CD [26271]
  • Fix track information updates after exiting visualizers [26654]
  • Add some events to the music player for state changes like track changed, metadata changed, volume changed, etc. [24599]
  • Improved buffering in mythmusic, aobase and aoalsa, fewer underruns [24847]
  • Fallback to reading ID3v1 when ID3v2 is not available [25678]


  • Update Rotten Tomatoes and Wired feeds [25451]
  • Update BBC feeds [26237]
  • Remove YouTube category - use MythNetvision instead [26692]


New Features
  • Add mythtv:season, mythtv:episode, and mythtv:country tags and expose to themers ([24345], [24347], [24348], [24349])
  • Add the ability to subscribe/unsubscribe from Search Grabbers [24551]
  • Add MythFillNetvision, a CLI tool for updating tree grabbers ([24752], [24759])
  • Properly initialize a bunch of variables and generally parse items in a cleaner way. Add proper support for iTunes:duration tag which was mis-parsed before. This should fix the totally wrong values for width, height, duration, and a number of others. [24439]
  • Build list of search grabbers via the DB rather than parsing locally during every entry of the search screen, greatly improving performance [24535]
  • Allow themers to dynamically combine metadata using toMap function within MythNetvision [24672]
  • Switch to using MythDownloadManager to retrieve content [25346], [25350]
  • Improved external player support for MythNetvision ([24745], [24747])
  • RSS feeds can now be updated and refreshed in the UI without exiting/re-entering [24758]
  • Simply and speed up internet search ([24768], [24769])


New Features
  • Add support for TMDB movie "Taglines" [24512]
  • Add mass metadata download [24961]
  • Add an (theme optional) artwork picker to choose which graphics to download and use [24961]
  • Add automatic metadata search after video scan [24982]
  • Remove unique bookmark settings for DVD playback, and make bookmark usage consistant across the internal player [23994]
  • Break out of a "Play Folder" action if a video is quit within 10 seconds [24068]
  • Drastically reduce search time in certain scenarios by adding indexes to mythvideo's cast, genre, and country tables [24082]
  • Allow themers to dynamically combine metadata using toMap function within MythVideo [24670]
  • Add a "processed" flag to the database indicating eligibility for a mass metadata grab and rebrand "Metadata" as "Details" [24980]
  • Fix Storage Group scanner to properly scan VIDEO_TS and BDMV folders in the Videos SG [25767]
  • Remove MTD (myth transcoding daemon) and therefore the ability to directly rip DVDs ([25874], [25876])
  • Move all scanning, metadata, and DB manipulation out of MythVideo and into core MythTV (via the new - "libmythmetadata") [25895]


New Features
  • Add copyright to various weather screens & enforce the use of the copyright widget ([23992], [26142])
  • Add UTF-8 support for script output [23992]
  • Add yr.no service - 3 day / 6 day / 18 hour (actually 36 hour) [23992]
  • Add wunderground service - 3 day / 6 day [23992]
  • Add Weather Underground (wunderground.com) static & animated radar maps [25206] [25820]
Bug Fixes
  • Fix updating the display of weather maps when an update occurs [25220]
  • Add unit (F or C) to temp on 18h screen [23992]
  • Changed kph to km/h [23992]
  • Changed the local cache file to replace "/" with "-" to prevent conflicts with scripts that use "/" in station names [23992]
  • Add the option to return no data for an item by returning "---" [23992]
  • Increased the size of the location field in weatherdatalayout to varchar(128) [23992]
  • Check for perl dependencies during configure ([25141], [25181])
  • Themes now show copyrights for weather maps/data when applicable [25152]
  • Removed weather.com maps to avoid conflicting with TOS [25182]


New Features
  • Allow flash player to seek to any position which has been loaded from the server [24919]
  • Add a new skin - "Clean Blue" [25006]
  • Dynamically preview skin selections [25021]
  • Add ability to hook into built-in screenshot functions [26244]
  • Add support for the Preferred Duplicate Matching setting in recording rules [26563]
Bug Fixes
  • Fix commfree/commmethod usage in MythWeb's lite template [24801]
  • Fix TimeZone issues when importing ical/ics files into Google Calendar [24910]
  • Fix "force http" setting for streaming [24912]
  • Fix 404 when starting back playback via MythWeb [24914]
  • Fix schedule information afer updating a recording rule [24915]
  • Fix streaming of in-progress recordings [24917]
  • Fix streaming of videos in storage groups [24924]
  • Fix UTF-8 in the search box [24929]
  • Fix streaming in certain instances when frame size wasn't rounded properly [24931]
  • Fix deletion of channels under certain circumstances [24934]
  • Fix prototip to work in IE8 [25082]
  • Fix URL creation for RSS and iCal links [25083]
  • Fix saving "useonairguide" settings when editing channels [25387]
  • Fix double suffix (i.e., .mpg.mpg) with direct download links [25388]
  • Fix number translations to prevent Record Length and Record Date columns from appearing blank [25468]
  • Fix http-302 loop when a channel has no data [26119]
  • Fix missing path separator for videos [26120]
  • Fix display of UTF-8 video titles [26121]
  • Fix "Play Recording on Frontend" functionality [26122]
  • Fix issue where recording schedules might not function properly if overlapped with a disabled rule in the same timeslot [26123], [26133]
  • Fix invalid warnings if channel icons are not available [26124]
  • Fix channel editor from filtering non-visible channels (and other fixes) [26125] [26129]
  • Fix the ability to send a "0" key with the mytwheb remote feature [26222]
  • Fix deleting channel via mythweb [26323]
    • If you have a ton of channels and experiences issues, you may have to increase max_post_size in your php.ini file
  • Fix IE JS bug and streaming in IE8 [26650]
  • Fix channel screen on lite template [26651]
  • Updated for tmdb.pl changes and cover art storage groups [23859]
  • Remove unused Time Stretch setting on recording rules [24633]
  • Minor flash player improvements [24911]
  • Properly handle multiple/reverse proxies [24933]
  • Allow extended search options to be used globally rather than just to the advanced search [24936]
  • Bump min. required PHP version to >= 5.3 [25017]
  • Many changes and enhancements related to cache and session handling (cache engine disabled for 0.24) [26426]
  • Add the capture/encoder device labels to the backend status page [25411]
  • Allow nuv files to be streamed in addition to mpeg/mp4 files [26128]
  • Better sorting of videos with season and episode data [26224]
  • Add a "Back to the program listing" when creating or viewing recording rules [26226]


Bug Fixes
  • Fix a couple memory leaks [24581]
  • Fix the colors of the live images when using a V4L2 source in ZM 1.24 [25061]
  • Fix a segfault when displaying the live view when no monitors have been setup [25672]

Support libraries

Python bindings

  • Improve searches for recordings, program guide, and videos with multiple cast/genre/countries ([24223], [24221])
  • Add "mythwikiscripts" command, which lists all scripts on the wiki, and allows users to select and download scripts [24284]
  • Add "mythpython" command for quick access to the python interpreter with all MythTV classes and functions available [24282]
  • Add MythBE.getConflictedRecordings to return a list of conflicting Program objects in the scheduler [24294]
  • Add backend event handling [24292] and a System Event handler [24316]
  • Check for runtime dependencies in ./configure ([24573], [24577], [24764])
  • Conversion of the TMDB [24906] and TTVDB [24944] APIs, as well as grabber [25147] and data [25219] classes to use of the universal metadata lookup format
  • Add a generic UPNP search routine [25147]
  • Rework base data classes for consistency and easier subclassing [25147], [25274]
  • Add data classes for accessing and managing MythMusic data [25274], [25278]
  • Add support for pickling (serialization) of data classes [25303]
  • Make backend [24292] and database [25200] connections thread-safe. Backend connections employ locking, enabling only a single access at a time, and database connections use a connection pool, using one connection per open cursor.
  • Add support for backend download manager [25369]
  • Adds a new 'datetime' class to the utility module [25625]
  • Add several canned functions for access to the frontend over the telnet socket [25634]
  • Add support for creating power recording rules [26112]

Perl bindings

  • Check for Perl dependencies in ./configure ([24587], [24764])
  • Update MythTV::Channel, added and removed references [24799]
  • Fix perl bindings make install [26427]

Utility Applications


  • Added commercial detection speedup option - scales to 1/4 resolution before processing, resulting in significant performance gains [25657]
  • Help prevent logo detection from failing on recordings that look like, but average less than, ~29.97FPS [26458]


  • Ensure unique programid generation for XMLTV-based grabbers that provide episode and season numbers [24724]
  • Fix, simplfy, and improve the handling of star ratings from xmltv [24767]
  • Optimize people and credits during inserts, saves a lot of IO and many seconds [25527]
  • Show --dd-grab-all option in help output - Users are encouraged to use this flag by default, but will need to manually enter it for now in "mythfilldatabase arguments" in mythtv-setup [26033]
  • Update help text for --refresh-all to reflect that it doesn't update today's data and to encourage Schedules Direct users to use --dd-grab-all instead.
  • Fix an issue where suggested update times weren't respected for datadirect users in certain cases [26619]



  • Wait for playback to complete before renaming or deleting the original file after transcoding is complete ([26212], [26459])
  • Preserve bookmarks when applying a cutlist [26212]
  • Save new filesize after transcoding [26460]



  • Check the status of MTD to prevent interrupting a rip/transcode in progress [24069]





  • Better handling of ffmpeg versions and updates to several exports [25428], [25429], [25431]
  • Add H.264 mencoder exporter [25430]
  • Add ETA timer to mencoder jobs [25710]
  • Remove transcode exporters [25708]
  • Remove VCD, SVCD, and DVCD encoding profiles [25709]