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Important.png Note: Please note that the following reflects changes for a future release of MythTV. The current release is 31.0.

Important.png Note: This page is actively updated, edited, and modified during the current development cycle (expected to become the "0.25" release). Expect it to change drastically, on a frequent basis, up until the next official release. Items may be added, changed, and removed to accurately reflect anticipated functionality and features leading up to the release date.

Important 0.25 Dates
Event Date Changeset
Development Started 10/19/2010 [26888]
RC 1 Released TBD TBD
RC 2 Released TBD TBD
Final Release TBD TBD

Below is an overview of the changes currently in unstable/development code, which will become a future release of MythTV. Some of these changes, most notably the fixes, may have been backported to the 0.24-fixes branch. This is a fairly comprehensive list of significant or noticeable changes that impact the user experience in some way. For every change listed on this changelog, there are many times more changes not listed related to the core framework and inner workings of the software which allow MythTV to do what it does - in other words, what is listed is just the tip of the iceberg.


New Features

  • Add internal controls for various Mythnetvision sources, removing need for keyboard and mouse

Major Changes

  • Removed XvMC Support
  • Remove libmpeg2 support for video playback

Prerequisite Changes

Minimum version changes
  • Python - Require Python v2.6 or higher (remove support for v2.5)
  • Taglib - Minimum version is now 1.6 or higher
Added support libraries/prerequisites
  • Sox - required for nuvexport
  • libxml2 - optional for blu-ray disc metadata parsing (>= v2.6)
Removed support libraries/prerequisites

Special Notices & Instructions

Wikipage.png Items in italics have been backported to 0.24-fixes



New Features
Bug Fixes
  • Fix segfault caused when exiting the Recording Profile settings screen [27191] - fixes #9104
  • Fix inaccurate file size on the program details screen [27343]
  • Clear captions when entering the cutlist editor [27351] - fixed #9206
  • Fix setting the display refresh rate in live tv [62ffcd3]
  • Fix program finder to not show programs on invisible channels [6128e72] - Fixed #9381
  • When exiting the cut list editor, don't ask to save if no changes were made [27197]
  • Theme Chooser: Always show downloadable themes, cache downloaded theme list, and give enhanced feedback when downloading/loading a theme [4bc8f6f]
  • Exit Watch Recordings if user aborts the initial Rec Group popup [e866f1c] - Fixed #9210
  • Added Settings:
    • Video Settings: Blu-Ray Mountpoint - for setting where blu-ray discs get mounted [27287]
    • Music Settings: Allow Tag Writing - enable playcount and ratings to be written to and read from ID3 tags [27319]
    • Video Settings: Blu-Ray Region Setting - needed to playback certain blu-ray movies [27382]
    • Grabber Settings: Adds a central configuration location to choose metadata sources [75c7dee]
  • Removed Settings:
    • Video Settings: VCD Player - Removed ability to set external play for VCDs [27287]
    • Video Settings: VCD Drive - No longer needed [27287]
    • Enable Picture Controls - Picture controls are now always enabled [27348]
    • LIRC Keypress Application - irexec can basically do this without MythTV being the middle man [27374]
    • Skip Blank Frames After Commercials - replaced with a sensible default of half of the blank frames before/after a commercial break [27389]
    • Delete DVD Bookmarks after x days - If you don't want a bookmark to exist any more, then just unset the bookmark [bf70617]

Key Bindings, Jump Points, and Input Devices

New Features
  • Add a "TV Frontend:VIEWSCHEDULED" keybinding - shows upcoming episodes which match a recording rule, instead of a show title [9ec36ea]
  • Add a new "Search" keybinding (defaulted to Ctrl+S) - access the search dialog in a buttonlist while it has focus [a796d8b]
Bug Fixes
  • Remove "LIRC Keypress Application" setting and functionality [27374]

Guide Data, EIT, Program Info, and Media Metadata

New Features
  • Adds a central configuration location to choose metadata sources - Artwork and Datasources Windows [75c7dee]
Bug Fixes


New Features
Bug Fixes
  • Fix file streaming to continue working past 4GB [d5d1cc1]
  • Fix UTF-8 handling on UPnP request URLs [56dab84] - fixed #9188


New Features
  • Enable audio sync offsets to be stored and persisted across all videos per frontend [r27148] - Ref. #4262
  • Always use MythTV's downmixer in place of ffmpeg's on hardware that has SSE3 support - fixes low volume on 5.1 AC3 streams on a stereo system [27375] - fixed #6569
  • Add an Audio Channel Test feature ([00cd344], [21cfaf6], [e44b025])
  • Add E-AC3 (Dolby Digital Plus), DTS-HD Hi-Res, DTS-HD MA and TrueHD bitstream (aka passthrough) support over HDMI ([7531972], [c1cf68b])
  • New audio setup screen, including test capabilities [b2a86a2]
Bug Fixes
  • Only pass-through if we support the number of channels, otherwise downmix - logic was reversed [27225]
  • Fix several places where memory corruption could occur in non-typical scenarios [27368]
  • Fix logic error that forced to have audio advanced checked to get 7.1 LPCM ([98a1969], [f1b4edc])
  • Fix timestamps and silence during pause exhibiting problems under certain conditions [fcd0f4f]
  • Fix ALSA buffer allocation [04c15e1]
  • Fix potential deadlocks resulting in "Waited 100ms for video buffers" [3881415]
  • Change the behaviour of overriding the digital passthrough device - allows a different audio device between plain stereo/lpcm and digital passthrough [27216]
  • Change the way we determine and set the passthrough device and differentiate between 'auto' and the 'default' device - 'auto' is the default audio device but with extra settings for digital passthrough, 'default' is the same device as the main one. [27306]
  • Improve IEC mode - helps fix issues with HDMI passthrough [27307]
  • Change how multi-channel LPCM is configured and referenced in settings [27318]
  • Always re-encode to best supported format [df80fc5]
  • Improve timestamp calculation leading to better A/V Sync (ALSA and Pulse only so far) [5eac843]

Video Playback

New Features
  • Add overall studio levels filter (however, the new one currently only works with VDPAU playback) ([27322], [27314], [27316])
    • Removes and replaces the vdpaustudio filter
    • Add keybinding to toggle on/off during playback (not bound by default)
    • Can be enabled, when available, via OSD as well
  • Add overall VideoColourSpace class, replacing output-specific classes ([27340], [27346], [27348]
    • Can be applied across multiple video output classes (VDPAU, OpenGL, etc)
    • Picture controls will be permanently enabled for all output classes
  • Add initial GLSL video rendering support ([c0d8c22], [8cb1707], [95717ff], [3299535])
  • Implement "smooth sync" which provides predictive frames drops when time stretch needs to playback faster than the displays refesh rate, reducing jerky playback ([4906522], [8fd44c8], [2fe9124], [956b4f2], [3b10231]
Bug Fixes
  • Fix (and improve) current position and duration detection and display [27326] - Fix #9109
  • Fix FFWD/REW response time repositioning [27356]
  • Fix tilted video when using odd geometries and the Xlib 'fallback' video renderer [27392] - Fixed #9139
  • Fix setting the display refresh rate in live tv [3396a46]
  • Simplify the OpenGL linear blend and kernel deinterlacers, increasing performance and potential for better results [27349]
  • Speed up resumption of playback after seeking (regression from 0.23) - [27372]
  • Remove XvMC support ([252f801], [5e5908b])
  • Remove libmpeg2 decoder from playback options (library still used within mythtranscode) [ebf9778]
  • Removes CPU++, CPU+, and CPU-- playback profile groups [4cd8186]
    • Systems set to use any of these profiles groups are changed to use the default group, "Normal"
    • Changes users' custom profiles to replace XvMC and libmpeg2 decoders with standard (ffmpeg) and XvMC video renderer with Xv (xv-blit) and ia44blend OSD renderer with softblend.
    • Set default on new setups to "Normal"
  • Fix certain playback issues and incorrect durations by generating duration and bitrate based off of the video stream due to an ffmpeg change [4eba49f]
  • Refactor frame rate handling [dcdce27]

Disc Playback (DVD, Blu-Ray, etc)

New Features
Bug Fixes
  • Unify DVD and Blu-Ray playback into a single menu item - "Play Optical Disc" [27287]
  • Blu-Ray: Added ability to set a Blu-Ray region [27382]

OSD, EPG, CC, and Subtitles

New Features
Bug Fixes
  • Teletext decoding and locking fixes (Fixes crash in cutlist editor under certain circumstances) ([27213], [27256], [27381]) - fixes (#9218, #9234)
  • Left justify CC-608 captions to fix jitter [9bfe562] - fixed #9030
  • Fix displaying external text subtitles under a rare situation [e139b29]
  • If paused, unpause playback when clearing the Delete Recording OSD dialog [27254] - fixes #9228
  • Improved teletext display for font stretching, double height text, and better widescreen fill support [27367] - fixed #9271
  • Refactor teletext to more-closely match the design of other caption/subtitle code - eliminates locking problems and improves responsiveness [27381] - fixed #9271
  • Make text outlining consistent across external, embedded, and CC-608 captions [b674e52]


New Features
  • Add initial support for multiple levels of OpenGL support ([27223], [27236])
  • Allow mapped text and images in the button tree widget [27266]
  • Allows a web page viewed in MythUIWebBrowser to control the music player [d51fd09]
  • Add the ability to change the message on an open MythUIBusyDialog [2c0bdcf]
  • Add the ability to set and reset the message on an open busy popup dialog [2c0bdcf]
  • Add an initial general purpose video widget [6fd3876]
  • Allow LoadInBackground to accept an optional message - If used, the message will set the contents of the busy dialog message [4cf6722]
  • Add an itemVisible() signal to MythUIButtonTree [fcd5054]
  • Add a generic search to button lists [a796d8b]
    • You access the search dialog using the new SEARCH (CTRL+S) keybinding while a buttonlist has the focus
Bug Fixes
  • Fix non-animated GIF reloading causing the frontend to abort [27302]
  • Fix the mouse cursor not re-appearing on movement in old UI screens such as MythMusic [27335]
  • Fix the keypress handling in MythUIButtonTree when using a grid layout in the buttonlist [b2b6633]
  • Fix the button tree widget not reacting to loosing focus properly [971df95]
  • Auto-hide the mouse cursor after 3 seconds of inactivity and default the "hide mouse cursor" setting to "false" ([27324], [27325])
  • Move the gesture debugging to VB_GUI instead of VB_IMPORTANT [27360]
  • Removed tags/attributes as of .25:
    • Remove last remaining support of deprecated "gradient" imagetype - superceeded in favor of shape+gradient [27176]

Network Control

New Features
Bug Fixes


New Features
  • Add new storage group weighting mechanism - Disk % Free [27190]
  • Add a video scanning thread and a new myth protocol command, SCAN_VIDEOS, which will trigger a scan of all video folders. Available via protocol command or mythbackend --scanvideos [27308]
  • Allow file writes to new subdirectories in remote Storage Groups [8fdfa75]
Bug Fixes
  • Fix delete and allow-rerecord when AutoExpireInsteadOfDelete is enabled [0cab1df] - fixes #9360

Setup / mythtv-setup

New Features
  • Add --logfile support to mythtv-setup [27403] - Applied #6945
  • Add a "First Time Setup" wizard (staged, but currently disabled) [30a26a7]
    • Video Setup Wizard - stage automatic downloading of sample files from [4b86ba0]
Bug Fixes


New Features
  • Add a new StreamingRingBuffer class which can handle network file transfers over multiple protocols (such as HTTP, RTP, UDP, etc.) [27415]
  • Build ffmpeg as mythffmpeg and install, allowing nuvexport to utilize a standardized version of ffmpeg [8c6de46]
  • Added mythffplay to the build [1f47a54]
Bug Fixes
  • Fix black/glitched recording previews by fixing in-recording seektables for MPEG2-TS/PS [27338] - ref. #9256
  • Optimize file writing and reading to better interact with modern VM and disk I/O schedulers ([27257], [27285]) - ref. #9150
  • Refactor RingBuffer classes [27413] - ref. #9287
  • Switch revision numbers in --version to reflect git in place of svn [ff27f87]
  • Enable symbol visibility by default [c5907af]
  • Remove channels no longer in use in US OTA broadcasts [2080ca3]
  • MythSystem Refactor/Rewrite [0f063f5]

Translations & Localization/Internationalization

New Features
Bug Fixes
  • Fix a few incorrect US English strings (used for translation) in MythWeb [bef5f44] - fixed #8936
  • Reduce number of strings generated for plugin-specific strings within core themes [27172]
  • Updated existing translations:






  • Make the message text in the busy dialog multi-line, fixes truncation [8739783]
  • Fix the wonky layout on a few screens and add some search popup positions and search fields ([382a964], [0867522])

Misc. Theme Development

New Features
Bug Fixes
  • Add required player setting widget for Blu-Ray mountpoint and remove VCD related items to core and myththemes [27288]


Mac OS X

New Features
Bug Fixes
  • Fix JPEG viewing [27274]
  • Prevent rebase tool from duplicating the libraries that it rebases, by getting it to process only the real libs, not symlinks to them [27409] - fixed #9291
  • Fix --noclean in packager [24b46ab]


New Features
Bug Fixes
  • Disables the ffmpeg mpeg-2 startup optimization in the ringbuffer - fixes playback on Windows [27378]
  • Fix ISO playback [0795770]



New Features
Bug Fixes
  • Look for fonts in the correct location [26761ab]
  • Change the video selector to use the same parental level checking that MythVideo uses [6bfc715]
  • Set the search popup position for a few lists in the default-wide theme [afc7ba9]




New Features
Bug Fixes
  • Fix honoring caption display time in slideshow and display modes [27313]
  • Fix upper case file extensions which weren't working [641d6e6] - Fixed #9288
  • Don't set picture size to screen size, let OpenGL do the scaling - enables better quality zooming and faster display [27312] - #8891


New Features
Bug Fixes


New Features
  • Allow playcount and rating to be written to and read from ID3 tags, if setting is enabled [27319] - adds #8595
    • Honor "write" setting instead of offering a choice to save when editing metadata [27336]
  • Allow the music player to be controlled by sending it MythEvents [747c374]
  • Add ability to control MythMusic playback via frontend control socket [7422f24]
  • Add preliminary support for writing album art (APIC frames) to ID3 tags (not yet implemented) [014e30c]
Bug Fixes
  • Potentially fix some font scaling issues with the mythmusic smart playlist popup [ac5b99d]
  • Fix URL redirects [ed93781]
  • Fix UTF8 file names when importing [d581cef] - Fixed #9483
  • Empty the current playlist when inserting a CD to ensure the CD is played first [27398]
  • Initiate support for MythMusic on Windows ([27399], [27402]) - ref. #9258
  • Increase the minimum required version of Taglib to 1.6 [27414]
  • Convert busy dialogs in CD ripping screens to MythUI [66b3573]
  • Disable reading TLEN (track length) ID3 frame due to inaccuracies [4e53b23]


  • Set the search popup position for a few lists in the default-wide theme [6a6e0c7]


New Features
  • Add remote control features for various sources (via the new javascript controls added to mythbrowser) ([7ac2b5f], [5b7b93d], [1b639d7], [281efa7]) - Adds {{ticket|9301}
    • Youtube
    • Vimeo
    • Dailymotion
  • Update BBC and Trailer scripts to account for feed changes [27231]
  • Update MTV grabber script to accommodate API changes [27260]


New Features
Bug Fixes
  • Update Jamu to deal with unicode overrides [3fbe948]


New Features
Bug Fixes
  • Fix Weather Underground Maps script when log directory does not exist [27234]
  • Handle strings in the BBC grabber that may or may not contain an "s" at the end (i.e., shower(s)) [27337]
  • Use custom makefiles for install in place of qmake [27194]


New Features
  • Add UPnP Discovery to Mythweb ([0133b7e], [c6591a2])
    • Requires PHP compiled with socket support
Bug Fixes
  • Fix FLV playback when detected resolution is not calculated correctly [27173] - Fixed #9036
  • Fix cases where the recorded page could get stuck displaying no recordings [c1ef027] - Fixed #8990
  • Fix playback on frontends where a recording has a start early time [6aba7cf] - Fixed #8363
  • Fix FLV playback bit rate calculation to ensure the end of playback is not cut off [ff42fd9] - Fixed #9207
  • Fix blank site caused in the case where a backend command was issued prior to connecting to the backend [7cb9061] - Fixed #9255
  • Prevent failure if a translation file doesn't load, simply warn and continue in English [2d1cae6]
  • Removed buggy ipod template (for now) ([a4ceb01], [029e9ff]) - Fixed #9220
  • Honor the HTTP_X_FORWARDED_PROTO header for ssl connections correctly [79b92f6] - Fixed #9240
  • Update Flowplayer to version 3.2.5 (from 3.1.1) [d0671d3]
  • Remove mythweather features [a4c8b26]
  • Remove JSON classes now that MythWeb doesn't support php < 5.2 [cc3c3ae]

Support libraries

Python bindings

  • Require Python 2.6 as the minimum supported version [27166]
  • Add support for "oursql" db module [27184]
  • Add support for Python 2.7 [27184]
  • Allow dashes ('-') in hostnames used for FileTransfer [27200]
  • Fix handling of responses to queries from metadata grabbers when provided with no output, rather than the expected of output with no results [27203]

Perl bindings

  • Changed the regexp on audio_type to allow text - allows nuvexport to display audio type [38d3a38]

Utility Applications


  • Add logging (at -v general,extra) at every 10% progress during commflagging [27193]
  • Reduce I/O priority [27257]
  • Show half the blank frames before and after the commercial break [27389] - applied #8522










  • Convert to using mythffmpeg ([523aef0], [c18508f])
  • Add the audio channels to the episode display [240785b]
  • Use sox to downsample 6-channel audio to 2-channel before encoding (fixes some problems with the source is AC3) [c18508f]
  • Split out iPod exporter into two: MP4 and H.264 [c18508f]