Release Notes - 0.25-fixes

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Changes applied to the 0.25-fixes branch

Important.png Note: Please note that the following reflects patches which have been applied and/or backported to the 0.25-fixes branch since the release of 0.25. These feature may eventually be released in a "point release". The current release is 31.0.

This page is actively updated, edited, and modified as patches are applied/backported to the 0.25-fixes branch. Expect it to change drastically and on a frequent basis. Information is not guaranteed to be up-to-date or complete, but best efforts will be made to reflect all applied changes on a regular basis. Items may be added, changed, and removed as needed.

Post 0.25 release - Applied patches, fixes, and backports

All changes made to the 0.25-fixes branch (post release) are shown below. They are grouped into changes that make up, or are expected to make up, a "dot" release (i.e., 0.25.1, 0.25.2, etc.).

Fixes applied after the 0.25 release

The following changes were applied after 0.25 was released:

# Date Applied Changeset Backported? (Trunk Changeset) Related Ticket(s) Component(s) Comments