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*{{gitcommit|3462018}} MythWeather Environment Canada Parser update. Fixes {{ticket|11623}}
*{{gitcommit|3462018}} MythWeather Environment Canada Parser update. Fixes {{ticket|11623}}
== [[MythWeb]] ==
== [[MythWeb]] ==
*{{gitcommit|f9f5a1f}} Use PATH_SEPARATOR rather than ':' in mythweb.php. Fixes {{ticket|10791}}
*{{gitcommit|bfae06c}} syndicatedepisodenumber, partnumber and parttotal are now part of the serialized data from ProgramInfo.
*{{gitcommit|3cce0fb}} Fix array index that didn't get updated in mythtv:d4dcff374e493
*{{gitcommit|f8b9ded}} Fix display of recorded shows. A few more mythproto array index values.
*{{gitcommit|4867ce8}} Make the number of videos in MythWeb's video page translatable.
*{{gitcommit|a6aed28}} Regenerate MythWeb translations after adding some new strings.
*{{gitcommit|12ded89}} Handle the possibility of having no videos more grecefully.
*{{gitcommit|109baed}} Regenerate MythWeb translations after adding a new string.
*{{gitcommit|823694f}} Remove and restrict the use of some recording rule types.
*{{gitcommit|988923a}} Use same query in Program.php and recordinginfo.cpp. Fixes {{ticket|10375}}
*{{gitcommit|50c2a34}} Mimick how modules/tv/detail.php refers to itself. Refs: {{ticket|10944}}
*{{gitcommit|184be13}} Fix braino in [988923a4] ' works better when wrapped in "" instead of ''
*{{gitcommit|030ba69}} Add some more scheduler related simplifications.
*{{gitcommit|a07e412}} Make some MythWeb TV settings warnings translatable.
*{{gitcommit|223ba1b}} Make deletes work again
*{{gitcommit|2a6c238}} Fixes an issue when the subtitle has a newline.
*{{gitcommit|76a239f}} Use border-radius in default theme Starting with version 13.
*{{gitcommit|2a24fa1}} Adds in apple touch icons for the templates. Fixes {{ticket|10932}}
*{{gitcommit|56970fc}} Patch to remove "PHP Warning: Unknown: function 0 not found..."
*{{gitcommit|af2d75e}} Adds in a transcoded flag icon. Fixes {{ticket|8970}}
*{{gitcommit|d8b1f40}} Return empty array not null if there are no scheduled rcrdgs. Fixes {{ticket|10142}}
*{{gitcommit|de9b00d}} modules/stream: Reduce video playback startup latency.
*{{gitcommit|567cc78}} Fixes an error with using uninitialized arrays. Fixes {{ticket|10790}}
*{{gitcommit|6b1671b}} Typo fix for tv/tmpl/default/detail.php.
*{{gitcommit|1e73a73}} Should fix any issues with using the OSX. Fixes {{ticket|10600}}
*{{gitcommit|a6482f7}} Fixes the label on the filters section. Fix {{ticket|11368}}
*{{gitcommit|a0bb772}} Adds a method to refresh the current channel list page. Fixes {{ticket|10241}}
*{{gitcommit|6570722}} Formatting fixes
*{{gitcommit|8908516}} Fixes {{ticket|11472,}} this adds the season and episode numbers into the filename.
*{{gitcommit|ff50f84}} Fixes {{ticket|11310,}} this forces ob_buffering off for readfile.
*{{gitcommit|f660af4}} Setup setting support for recommendation engine.
*{{gitcommit|a73cb64}} Fix some errors with incorrectly typed values.
*{{gitcommit|9461085}} Clean up some more code errors.
*{{gitcommit|b735c0a}} Allow rating of shows in the detail view.
*{{gitcommit|15080f2}} Add in a way to view recommended shows based on previous recommendations.
*{{gitcommit|5cfdfb5}} Update translation files
*{{gitcommit|7b86ada}} New MythWeb Chinese HK translation. Closes {{ticket|11508}}
*{{gitcommit|373cbde}} Fix search at TheMovieDB on detail page. Fixes {{ticket|11566}}
*{{gitcommit|a50ca17}} Restrict TheMovieDB search in program detail to movies.
*{{gitcommit|71ee4dd}} Remove use of deprecated default rec rule settings. Fixes {{ticket|11138}} Refs {{ticket|11512}}
*{{gitcommit|f975296}} Use Default recording rule template in MythWeb when creating new rules. Fixes {{ticket|11512}}
*{{gitcommit|6e25134}} Fix mythweb "NoTrans" problem.
*{{gitcommit|3ea6705}} Remove an unintended, spurious change from 030ba699.
== [[MythZoneMinder]] ==
== [[MythZoneMinder]] ==
*{{gitcommit|e72b8bf}} Add some sanity checking on network data.
*{{gitcommit|e72b8bf}} Add some sanity checking on network data.

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Important.png Note: Please note that the following reflects changes for a future release of MythTV currently in development and not recommended for production use. The current release is 29.0.

Important 0.27 Dates
Event Date Changeset
Development Started 2 Oct 2012 [178ea5aa]cgitgithub
Alpha Released 24 Jul 2013 [22d6d98]cgitgithub
Beta Release 3 Aug 2013 (Planned) TBD
RC Release 10 Aug 2013 (Planned) TBD
Final Release TBD TBD

The 0.27 release encompasses development revisions from [178ea5aa]cgitgithub though [TBD]cgitgithub.
This update is based on commits up to: [2a7a749]cgitgithub dated 21 Jul 2013 and mythweb [TBD]cgitgithub dated TBD.


Key New Features

Major Changes

  • Remove the Timeslot and Weekslot recording rule types. Users of these types should see [a1f9793]cgitgithub for alternatives.
  • Remove the Channel Record recording rule type. Add a This channel filter to maintain that functionality. Automatically convert existing Channel Record rules to All Record rules with the This channel filter enabled. Full details of this and the next two 'sub bullets' at: [9497ba1]cgitgithub, [030ba69]cgitgithub
    • Add a dialog to offer common actions instead of immediately entering the schedule editor when SELECT is pressed on a non-scheduled program.
    • Change the behavior when RECORD is pressed in the EPG and elsewhere.
  • Provide accurate position/duration/seeking with non-constant frame rates. Note that to get the benefit of these changes for preexisting recordings, it may be necessary to run "mythcommflag --rebuild" on affected recordings. [49dbed5]cgitgithub #10104
  • Remove the AutoRecPriority feature. [9aaed0b]cgitgithub
  • Remove redundant "All Programs - " text in Watch Recordings screen. [ba2c783]cgitgithub
  • Improve the group filter display on the Watch Recordings screen. [7c7b44a]cgitgithub
  • Default to local time for mythshutdown --setwakeup, use --utc if required. [ef7810c]cgitgithub
  • As promised in the 0.26 Release Notes, the legacy CEA-608 teletext caption support has been removed. #10786 [4f98a09]cgitgithub
  • The Set Recording Priorities screen has been removed (use the "Manage Recording Rules" screen.) [f8cb433]cgitgithub, [a2ccb9f]cgitgithub
  • The Reschedule higher priorities setting has been removed. The scheduler now always does this. [6eaa373]cgitgithub
  • Use recording rule priority as the primary scheduling priority. [5587501]cgitgithub
  • The Delete Recordings screen has been removed. [7349a86]cgitgithub
  • Change the ADJUSTSTRETCH action to also support toggling. [b79da45]cgitgithub
  • In mythtv-setup/Capture cards, some Card type: names have been changed/corrected. The list was also reordered. [536b7c1]cgitgithub
Card type name changes
Old 0.27
HDHomeRun DTV tuner box HDHomeRun networked tuner
DVB DTV capture card (v3.x) DVB-T/S/C, ATSC or ISDB-T tuner card
Analog V4L capture card Analog capture card
MJPEG capture card (Matrox G200, DC10) Analog to MJPEG encoder card (Matrox G200, DC10, etc)
MPEG-2 encoder card Analog to MPEG-2 encoder card (PVR-150/250/350, etc)
H.264 encoder card (HD-PVR) HD-PVR H.264 encoder
USB MPEG-4 encoder box (Plextor ConvertX, etc) Analog to MPEG-4 encoder (Plextor ConvertX USB, etc)

Prerequisite Changes


Added support libraries/prerequisites

QT 4.8 [9d670e8]cgitgithub

Removed support libraries/prerequisites


Special Notices & Instructions

  • As always, backup your database before upgrading, see this.
  • mythshutdown's default logging has changed. Most users will find (for example) that mythshutdown --check will now tell them exactly what they need. For full log output, mythshutdown --check --verbose general --loglevel info is required. [f070528]cgitgithub
  • The default Xinerama aspect ratio has been changed to widescreen and the list has been re-ordered in setup. [e4c52f2]cgitgithub
  • Client programs that make use of the Services API, should be checked for compatibility with this release, significant changes to the protocol have been made. Developers of these clients should have prepared for the following:
    • Recording Rules: take note that the version has changed from 1.10 to 1.11 and treat the differences in AddRecordSchedule and GetRecordSchedule. Also, UpdateRecordSchedule was added. Details are here: [2865936]cgitgithub
    • Content Services API fixes and minor enhancements [aad0c37]cgitgithub
      • Tell Script engine to use ScriptableContent instead of Content to match the other services.
      • Fix case on StorageGroup argument to GetHash method definition.
      • Allow GetRecordingArtworkList(), GetProgramArtworkList(), and GetHash() to be used in scripts.
    • Add a Dvr GetTitleInfoList() endpoint [c8cd017]cgitgithub
    • HTTPLiveStream::GetLiveStreamInfo() fixups. [9c3f956]cgitgithub


The list of commits is being compiled off line, please don't add any at this time.
The list of commits is being compiled off line, please don't add any at this time.
The list of commits is being compiled off line, please don't add any at this time.
The list of commits is being compiled off line, please don't add any at this time.
The list of commits is being compiled off line, please don't add any at this time.



Key Bindings, Jump Points, and Input Devices

Guide Data, EIT, Program Info, and Media Metadata


Video Playback

Disc Playback (DVD, Blu-Ray, etc) and Media Detection

  • [a1c4f4f]cgitgithub When processing frames from DVD/Blu-ray ringbuffer, menu frames are now buffered as necessary to ensure stutter-free playback. Refs #11233
  • [dcfdf0b]cgitgithub Set default value for dvdnav status to avoid undefined behaviour.
  • [03cfd20]cgitgithub Fix playback of DVDs which feature an empty audio stream.
  • [5df1322]cgitgithub Set palette correctly when DVD menu highlight changes to ensure highlights are the right colour/have the correct transparency. Fixes #11265
  • [3bd3516]cgitgithub Properly shutdown read ahead thread in *RingBuffer destructors.
  • [378c85f]cgitgithub Fix EOF detection/handling for DVD titles.
  • [fb55859]cgitgithub Make BD player reports errors so we can exit early. Exit early if no title has been found
  • [28495ce]cgitgithub Fix crashes when playing BD disk with no valid key installed

OSD, EPG, MHEG, CC, and Subtitles

Network Control


Scanning and Tuner/Recorder Support

Channel Scanner

Ceton InfiniTV




IPTV Recorder




Other Hardware "Support"

Consumer Electronics Control Support - "CEC"


Setup / mythtv-setup

  • [bdaaf9b]cgitgithub Move Setup Wizard at the top of settings menu
  • [6902966]cgitgithub Only set the BackendServerIP6 setting to ::1 by default if that address is available, otherwise leave it blank
  • [0a40fff]cgitgithub Change the BackendServerIP settings to combo boxes showing the available values. Makes configuration a little easy and invalid configurations harder.
  • [536b7c1]cgitgithub Reorder and rename the choices in the capture card combo box
  • [801028a]cgitgithub Make DVB the first target in the CaptureCardGroup triggered configuration.
  • [7c31160]cgitgithub Use QNetworkInterface::allAddresses() instead of ServerPool. Fixes #11393
  • [d52d294]cgitgithub ImportIconsWizard: remove the need for the depreciated HttpComms



Translations & Localization/Internationalization



Mac OS X











MythVideo/Video Gallery




Support libraries & Frameworks

UPnP / Bonjour

MythXML, Services API, & Webserver


Python bindings

Perl bindings

PHP bindings

Utility Applications









  • [d2d2791]cgitgithub Enable 'best match' detection for recording metadata lookups.
  • [d3dca98]cgitgithub Optimise findBestMatch() so that an exact title match is found we avoid an expensive title comparison search






  • [b315d79]cgitgithub libmyth: Prevent a SEGV in mythwelcome when backend connection reestablished




Code Checks, Documentation, Infrastructure