Release Notes - 0.27.3

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And now comes MythTV 0.27.3.

This is a minor update adding improvements in IPv6 supports, better PiP support for some hardware accelerated decoders and various corrections. 81 changes were made since 0.27.1.

We had a release-fart 0.27.2 that introduced some regressions with 3rd party clients (such as XBMC), due to the popularity of this client and despite the issue being theirs, it was decided to remove all fixes preventing their client to connect

Check our 0.27 Release Notes and 0.27.1 Release Notes


Key New Changes

  • VAAPI (Linux) and VDA (OSX) PiP support
  • Ability to start live TV directly from the Programme Guide
  • In the playbackbox, allow jumping to an episode's display group
  • Use natural sort for presenting content (e.g. Movie3 is showing before Movie10)

Prerequisite Changes

  • If upgrading from 0.25 and earlier, make sure to follow the instructions in on how to update your MySQL Time Zone
  • If upgrading from 0.21 and earlier, you need to go via an intermediate version, we suggest the latest fixes/0.24.

Tickets Fixed

  • Add additional european short date format #12064
  • Updated translations (German, French), #12102
  • Do not use VDPAU hwaccel API for mpeg4 videos #12162
  • Remove hack forcing MPEG1 video to be treated as MPEG2 #12160
  • Don't attempt to issue DB query if there's nothing to do #12161
  • Fix memory leak in logger #12131
  • Fix crash when exiting LiveTV from mythavtest under some circumstances
  • Fix search of image artwork in folder
  • Add search for “jpeg” type, and make search for image case insensitive
  • Use natural sort for presenting content #11796
  • Fix leak in display subtitle code.
  • Make Frontend/Backend connection works when BE is set to use IPv6 link-local #10921
  • Fix connection to Master Backend where the master IP address is an IPv6 address #10921
  • Allow PiP when using a VAAPI playback profile
  • Fix VAAPI accelerated PiP
  • OSX: Allow PiP with VDA decoder
  • Internet Content: Fix manual update of RSS subscriptions
  • Enable forward-only cursors with all prepared database connections.
  • Fix a thinko in the 'This time' and 'This day and time' filters #12175
  • Allow Live TV to be entered from the top-level Program Guide. #11913
  • Allow the Guide start channel to be the "natural" Live TV channel. #11922
  • Add tunability tests to the Watch This Channel menu entry. #11913
  • Allow partial reads #12179
  • Increase myth:// filetransfer timeout values.
  • Prevent crash opening audio settings page when invalid device is retrieved
  • Fix dummy recording file sometimes not being deleted
  • Allow to override which mpegts demuxer is used #12153
  • Increase size of streaming buffer in MythMusic
  • reduce poll interval #11461