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Changes from 0.27.5 to 0.27.6


See also [1]

Bill Meek (1):

     Services API: Let Dvr/GetTitleInfoList return empty inetrefs

Charles Bovy (2):

     Merged the iptv_extension_01.patch plus commit e740947.
     Forgot to add new files from iptv_extension_01.patch

David Engel (3):

     Only use visible channels to mark first/last showings.
     Clear reactivate when updating the history in oldrecorded.
     Merge branch 'fixes/0.27' of into fixes/0.27

Frank Phillips (1):

     Housekeeper: let mythfilldatabase use suggested run times

Hika van den Hoven (1):

     Internet Content: Only use the YouTube region preference if it is nonempty

Jean-Yves Avenard (3):

     Merge branch 'fixes/0.27' into devel/027candidates
     Revert "Have info and playback screen show proper number of channels"
     Revert "Fix channel detection."

John Poet (2):

     MythUIScrollBar: Initialize maximum to zero until it is actually known,
     MythMainWindow::Norm: With very small values of x, scaling down can cause

Jonatan Lindblad (5):

     Video output: Add default fragment shader for OpenGL 2
     Video output: Fix OpenGL 1 output after b9971146
     Internet Content: Adapt the YouTube grabber to the v3 API
     Internet Content: Tidy up some formatting in the YouTube grabber
     MythFrontend: Make Xlib calls thread-safe on Linux

Karl Dietz (17):

     Make the comparison of magic card type strings case insensitive
     handle RTP packets with header extensions and/or less then 7 TS packets
     Fiddle with the theme template regular expression for #12003
     Merge branch 'devel/027candidates' into fixes/0.27
     Merge remote-tracking branch 'cbovy/fixes/0.27' into devel/027candidates
     Add support for 16bit Unicode (UCS-2) strings in EIT data
     Handle endianess. MPEG stuff is big endian, Intel PCs are little endian
     handle movies without any release event
     hack to return an empty result set for unknown inetrefs
     Fix symbol visibility for mythtranscode and mythtv-setup
     Fix symbol visibility
     unbreak after 349d3a4c9e
     handle API request limiting responses from themoviedb
     Merge branch 'fixes/0.27' into devel/027candidates
     extend IPTV recorder to handle MPTS input
     Merge branch 'devel/027candidates' into fixes/0.27
     fix mytharchive's database access

Mario Limonciello (1):

     Internet Content: Replace precompiled vimeo_data.pyc with the source

Michael Niedermayer (1):

     avcodec/aacdec: Fix storing state before PCE decode

Nick Morrott (3):

     Updated British English translations
     Updated British English translations
     Updated British English MythFrontend translation

Nicolas Riendeau (1):

     Merge remote-tracking branch 'knowledgejunkie/en-gb-fixes' into fixes/0.27

Paul Harrison (1):

     MainServer: use the hostname not IP address in HandleQueryRecording

Roger Siddons (5):

     Copy hostname from scheduler too when creating a new ProgramInfo.
     Properly cleanup when stopping a failing recording.
     Fixes #12491. Fix python mysqldb upstream changes
     Fixes 12534 Save volume when deleting recording
     Revert "Fixes 12534 Save volume when deleting recording"

Stuart Auchterlonie (19):

     Add missing QObject include. Should resolve Qt5 build error
     Enable pic by default on linux systems.
     Merge branch 'fixes/0.27' into devel/027candidates
     Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/fixes/0.27' into devel/027candidates
     Initial version of dbus based screensaver
     Attempt to use 4 different known screensaver dbus services
     lost a void along the way
     Refs #12414. Removes some old commented out code
     Fix lirc being ignored after dbus screen saver changes.
     Separate the ScreenSaver base class from the ScreenSaverController.
     Move failure to connect to the different dbus services to LOG_WARNING level
     Move failure to connect to the different dbus services to LOG_WARNING level #2
     Re-Enable screensaver-x11 after the dbus screensaver support was added.
     Fixes #12562 Gather memory information on kernel 4.x
     Refs #12524. New firewire ids for DCX-3200M P3
     Refs #12524. A second variant of the same box
     Fixes #12524. A second variant of the same box. typo fix
     If the system python is python v3, try to use python2 instead, since we don't support python3 yet
     Setting VERSION to v0.27.6

Walter Cheuk (2):

     Update Chinese (HK) locale file from Walter Cheuk
     Updated Chinese HK translation from Walter Cheuk

William L. DeRieux IV (1):

     update script to latest version

faginbagin (5):

     Mythcommflag assumed that the number of bytes per scan line for the luma
     Many years before the lowres option was added to improve performance, a
     The CommDetectBorder? setting did dual duty, as it was also used to limit
     Logo detection required a minimum number of pixels in a mask found by
     Mythcommflag assumed that video can be either normal, letter-boxed...


See also [2]

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