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Important.png Note: Please note that the following reflects changes for a future release of MythTV currently in development and not recommended for production use. The current release is 29.0.

Important 0.28 Dates
Event Date Changeset
Development Started 2 Sep 2013 [0ab56a2]
RC1 Released TBD TBD
RC2 Released TBD TBD
RC3 Released TBD TBD
Final Release TBD TBD

The 0.28 release encompasses development revisions from [0ab56a2] though [TBD].


Key New Features

  • WebFrontend. The web interface that uses the webserver built-in the backend (no configuration required.) As of 1/30/2015, mythweb is still available.

Major Changes

  • Major UPnP overhaul The UPnP code has seen major changes, improved browsing modes, more metadata, artwork for all media, strict UPnP (2014) and DLNA compliance and support for additional UPnP features. (Note: Client support for additional metadata varies. Client behaviour depends on UPnP compliance.)
  • The cardinput table is no longer used, data has moved to capturecard [3e8bd6b]

Prerequisite Changes

Added support libraries/prerequisites
  • Qt version 5.2 (or later.) [f5724c6] Announcement. See: #12558!
  • Exiv2 image tag reader package/library
  • taglib version to 1.7 (version 1.8 or higher is recommended, but MythTV will compile with 1.7)
  • libcec version is raised from 1.5 to 1.7
  • libsystemd-daemon-dev for sd_notify(), see [229bca1] (only needed if sd_notify is to be used.)
Removed support libraries/prerequisites

Special Notices & Instructions

  • Data Migration: 0.28 will only support direct upgrades from 0.22 or higher. If you are running an older version, you will need to upgrade to 0.22, 0.23 or 0.24 then upgrade to 0.28.
  • As always, backup your database before upgrading, see this.
  • Those that have IPTV recorders and updated to master before the fixes applied in #12605 may need to delete and recreate their IPTV recorders.
  • Services API developers/users should review: API Parameters 0.28. Significant changes have been made to the API since 0.27.
  • Users running backend(s) on a system using a http proxy, and using a Ceton tuner, may need to modify their proxy configuration to bypass the proxy for the Ceton tuner (i.e. no_proxy="") #12067
  • Use correct mimetypes and extensions for MPEG2 PS/TS (could affect scripts/tools that expect filenames ending in .mpg) [7bf6bb1]
  • In order by sanely backup .mythtv directories, cache and temporary entries have been moved per the following table. Details: [85b2d6d]
Cache and temporary directory name changes
Old 0.28
thumbcache cache/gallery-thumbcache
MythMusic/RipTemp tmp/RipTemp
MythNetvision/thumbcache cache/netvision-thumbcache
Cache-applicationName-hostName cache/applicationName-hostName
thumbcache cache/metadata-thumbcache
remotecache cache/remotecache
themecache cache/themecache
icontmp tmp/icon
pytmdb3.cache cache/pytmdb3.cache
  • Add new Storage Groups named Music and MusicArt with proper directories.
  • mythlogserver's --nologserver option has been renamed --disable-mythlogserver. In almost all cases, it isn't required. See Mythlogserver.




Key Bindings, Jump Points, and Input Devices

Guide Data, EIT, Program Info, and Media Metadata


Video Playback

Disc Playback (DVD, Blu-Ray, etc) and Media Detection

OSD, EPG, MHEG, CC, and Subtitles

Network Control


Scanning and Tuner/Recorder Support

Channel Scanner

Ceton InfiniTV




IPTV Recorder




Other Hardware "Support"

Consumer Electronics Control Support - "CEC"


Setup / mythtv-setup



Translations & Localization/Internationalization



Mac OS X











MythVideo/Video Gallery



  • [9811898] Account for recordedid being added to the ProgramInfo
  • [094b694] Add episode link on detail mythweb page
  • [0b3be52] Add nginx instructions to INSTALL
  • [60c395c] Add additional statistics Top/Recently Played Albums and Top Played Artists
  • [75254e5] Add in a Dockerfile to build a container for mythweb
  • [8f2566f] Add example nginx configuration file
  • [c34d578] Add support for damage, fullhd und hd_ready flag
  • [d79739b] Add filter, inetref, season and episode saving to custom and manual schedules
  • [e2b4b14] Added missing damaged translation
  • [836df63] Always display channel number/callsign in the Listings grid
  • [f92c36e] Attempt 10 times to find a upnp database connection. Cache it into the session so we dont look it up every page load. Fixes a lot of issues with ajax calls
  • [5c6067f] Avoid localized decimal delimiter for integer
  • [af46355] Change base for custom aspect from 10,000 to 1,000,000
  • [eefcc9e] Change block comment style to make Github's syntax highlightning happy
  • [5d61c34] Change Finnish generic_time to 24 hour format
  • [c84defb] Correct the executable status on a few files in mythweb
  • [c4f71a7] Deterministic sort order for MythWeb message catalog from
  • [64c2d26] Don't allow the subtitle to be edited on manual recordings
  • [86d4b48] Fix sorting by season/episode for seasons > 9 and episodes > 99
  • [0a25f1b] Fix MythWeb's date/time handling
  • [26b37bf] Fix channel icons in mythweb. There was a typo which meant the services API call failed
  • [44153a4] Fix another issue with the cardinput merge into capturecard
  • [aac4291] Fix mime type for video streaming
  • [022cc27] #12096 Add a note to enable cgi for asx streaming
  • [0994985] #11970 This merges a patch by Karl Newman to Improve mythweb handling of This Channel filter
  • [3a3afc4] #12492 Mythweb session expiration not updated
  • [50b809a] #12364 Cardinput -> capturecard changes
  • [7d04912] #12437 Educate mythweb about .ts files
  • [b4b6b5d] #11904 This merges a patch from Karl Newman to Fix "Default" button on upcoming recordings page
  • [d6cb440] #12497 Fix for non-working content-size in flv streaming
  • [e63850c] #11898 This merges a patch by Karl Newman to fix the empty recommendations page
  • [a5684e7] Flush content so page display quicker
  • [cb588d8] Move .type_* entries above .cat_* entries. Refs #12351
  • [c82601f] Mythweb - allow direct downloading of .mkv, .avi, .mp4, .xvid, .okv files
  • [4cc711f] New MytWeb Italian Translation from Morris Cavestro
  • [cd6272e] New Greek MythWeb translation from Yianni Vidalis
  • [0cdeeda] Patch MythWeb to work with PHP 5.3 after 5178d6603d
  • [5178d66] Pile of fixes. UPnP fixes, UPnP IPv6 support. Fixes failure to display error messages on startup. Fixes error templates to work better
  • [0fee55c] Read the recording input name from the recorded table
  • [97a3321] Reduce cache headers for program details ajax popup
  • [b8655cb] Remove trailing white space
  • [1b3baf1] Remove avahi from docker file
  • [b5702cd] Removed hostname from passthru
  • [b57c7b9] Spanish MythWeb translation update
  • [f614e42] Translation update
  • [311900f] Try to unbreak formatting of our DocBlocks on GitHub
  • [1b86b57] Unbreak guide colors based on category_type
  • [00d5acd] Update the default Options string in the apache config
  • [61f14b9] Update mythweb for protocol 79
  • [73a3ded] Update hard-coded field numbers after recent protocol change
  • [88234f2] Update US English translation so that it doesn't complain about texts not being translated
  • [955b9e0] Update Canadian English translation so that it doesn't complain about texts not being translated
  • [c574b48] Update French langage MythWeb translation from the French Language Translation Team
  • [5310dee] Updated Canadian French language MythWeb translation
  • [fc8db22] Use the filter values from the Default template
  • [a69c606] Use the correct value for record.recgroupid


Support libraries & Frameworks

Services API

  • [1f81373],[f1dffbe] Add support for music album artwork to upnp.
    • <BE>:6544/Content/GetAlbumArt?TrackId&Width&Height
  • [378fe05] UPNP: Support multiple artwork sizes for recordings, video and music
    • Add support for coverart albumArtwork for recordings
    • Send preview image for recordings as a resource <res> instead
    • Change use JPG rather than PNG
  • [9b42c22], [307ae28] Add image service API to the backend.
    • <BE>:6544/Image/SetImageInfo?Id&Tag&Value );
    • <BE>:6544/Image/SetImageInfoByFileName?FileName&Tag
    • <BE>:6544/Image/GetImageInfo?Id&Tag );
    • <BE>:6544/Image/GetImageInfoByFileName?FileName&Tag
    • <BE>:6544/Image/GetImageInfoList?Id
    • <BE>:6544/Image/GetImageInfoListByFileName?FileName
    • <BE>:6544/Image/RemoveImageFromDB?Id
    • <BE>:6544/Image/RemoveImage?Id
    • <BE>:6544/Image/StartSync
    • <BE>:6544/Image/StopSync
    • <BE>:6544/Image/GetSyncStatus
  • [776379c] Add new service API call to only get the directories from a certain storage group.
    • <BE>:6544/Content/GetImageFile?StorageGroup
  • [c7f317e],[1ed2cf0] Add new service API calls to rename or delete a certain file.
    • <BE>:6544/Content::DeleteFile??StorageGroup&FileName
    • <BE>:6544/Content/RenameFile?StorageGroup&FileName&NewName)
  • [d34c696] Change: Use the ChannelIcon storage group.
    • <BE>:6544/Guide/GetChannelIcon?ChanId
  • [15b8290] Fix: GetChannelIcon when height or width are specified
    • <BE>:6544/Guide/GetChannelIcon?ChanId<int>&Width=<int>&Height=<int>
  • [903e820] Use the ChannelInfo class instead of loading data in fragments from ChannelUtil
  • [2b680bd] Change: Merge some identical channel loading code in the guide and channel services.
    • Start exposing correct visibility information for channels returned by GetProgramGuide. This would be necessary for any third parties wishing only to display the channels the user actually wants to use (which may be dozens out of hundreds for Satellite/Cable).
    • Change some argument types from int to uint for consistency, and because these cannot legitimately be less than zero so it forces users of the services API to provide sane