Remote control via x2x

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This short howto describes how to use x2x to control mythtv. It uses another PC to forward input to another X-Display. I'm using it with my laptop over wlan.


x2x is a little program, that forwards the input of your local X11-desktop to another X-Display.


install x2x[1] to your PC running mythfrontend.

now run:

# ssh -X yourmythtvuser@yourmythbox -C "x2x -west -to :0"

on your PC intended to control mythtv. After logging in move your cursor to the left edge of your screen. Now you can use your arrow keys to use mythtv like you are using a local keyboard.

You can also use -east , -south and -north

--Ronny 08:12, 20 November 2008 (UTC)