Repairing the Seektable

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It is possible to corrupt your seektable for one or more recordings, which can result in: - Being unable to skip forward and backward correctly, and - Recordings reporting the incorrect length.

mythcommflag and mythtranscode are two of the tools that can be used to rebuild the seektable.

Important.png Note: After rebuilding the seektable, any cutlist you have created for a recording will no longer be properly synced and should be recreated.


Using mythtranscode

If you have trouble rebuilding a seektable with mythcommflag, try using mythtranscode as follows:

mythtranscode --mpeg2 --showprogress --infile <path-to-file> 

(where path-to-file represents a file listed in mythtv recordings)

Using mythcommflag

Use the --rebuild option.

Possible Causes of a Corrupt Seektable

  • Editing a recording outside of the MythTV Frontend.
  • Excessive disk IO during recording could prevent invalid SQL updates to the Seektable (I think).