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== Ronneil Camara ==
Email: [[[[Mail To]](neil-on-mythtv AT SPAMFREE restricted DOT dyndns dot org)]]
I'm here in Illinois. I'm 3 months old with Mythtv. I've always wanted to watch high defintion programming with great control. Glad I found mythtv.
I built some webpages so that other people can use it for their reference.
* http://restricted.dyndns.org/hookingpc2hdtv.html
* http://restricted.dyndns.org/kernelnvidia.html
== My Mythtv box ==
* Athlon 64 3000+
* Nvidia 6600 GT Leadtek Winfast
* 512mb Crucial RAM DDR400
* Air2PC
* 200 Gig LVM harddisk
* Mitsubishi HDTV 48"
* [[Radio Shack]] VXU-120 External Antenna
* [[Radio Shack]] 360 degrees Antenna Rotor
* Tributaries VGA to RGBHV cable
* Homebrew LIRC receiver/transmitter
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