SKY dog remover script

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Sky has a habit of putting red dots and other annoyances on-screen. Pressing 'Backup' on the remote gets rid of (some of) them.

This script runs all the time and sends a BACKUP every 5 seconds.

It uses locking to co-operate with SKY channel changer script (so it doesn't send a backup whilst you try and change channel)

I install it as /usr/local/bin/send_sky_backup

#!/usr/bin/perl -w

use ir;

while (1)
  sleep 5;
  get_lock && do {
    system "/usr/local/bin/irsend SEND_ONCE SKY BACKUP";


Only actually send whilst Myth is recording.

This is because at the moment you can't use the Sky menus whilst this is running. Eg trying to use interactive or sky teletext is impossible - the script keeps 'backup'ing you out of it.