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The Sapphire remote is an inexpensive (~$13US on ebay, see below) alternative to LIRC based remotes such as MCE. It is a simple solution which relies only on a kernel driver. It supports many Myth friendly features such as auto repeat, accelerated repeat, and different functions when a key is held down.

For full details, the driver, purchase info and install instructions see the authors site:

Troubleshooting - I ran into a few different issues when trying to make the switch to sapphire:

  • Only some buttons work: For me, the number keys worked, but play and pause didn't. Typically this is the result of having the topseed driver installed in your kernel, here's what to check: Run 'lsmod | grep topseed' to see if it's loaded. If it is, unload it and load the sapphire driver instead. blacklist the topseed driver to prevent it from being autoloaded in the future. The other case is that it is built into the kernel itself. Run 'grep TOPSEED /usr/src/linux/.config' and check that it's not set to Y. You will need rebuild your kernel after unsetting it
  • BIOS hangs: On one of my machines (Asus M3N78-EM), the BIOS would hang only when the sapphire IR receiver was plugged in. Solution was to change the BIOS setting "Legacy usb mode=enabled" from Auto to 1.
  • General: cat /proc/sapphire shows useful info about the last remote key press recieved