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Schedules Direct (SD) Changes

As some have heard, on November 1st, 2014, the existing SD service is changing. This Wiki is intended to be a short discussion of options for MythTV users.

What must be done prior to November 1st, 2014?


What must be done on November 1st (or can be done now.)

This is the main reason for writing this Wiki.

Ideally, there would be a DNS change and the existing URL (which is hard-coded in the source) would be changed and no action would be required by MythTV SD users. However, the owners of that URL (which is not SD) have responded and said that they will not do that.

Another solution is to release a fix. It's a one line change. The following table is available for distribution maintainers.

Availablility Schedule
Distribution MythTV Version Status
Mythbuntu 0.27 only??? Ready for release
others? unknown unknown

Is there anything users can do to try the replacement?

Yes, perhaps the simplest is to make the following entry in the backend's /etc/hosts file:

The existing replacement service is working well. The more users testing it, the better. (Better to discover any problems now than on 11/1.)

Is the hosts entry a proper solution. No, because it points the 'old' URL to one of two Load Balancers in front of the SD host. So, it's not bad, just not the best.

What this Wiki isn't.

This is intended to be a very short reference for MythTV users. It is not intended as a list of SD issues nor is it a trouble shooting forum. Please resist the urge to make it longer. See the links below.

This doesn't reflect an official position from the developers, there is none.

Are there any other sources of information about the change?


The official announcement from Schedules Direct.

List of open issues.

The mythtv-users mailing list under the thread: Schedules Direct DataDirect replacement service testing. Or, it's archive). Please don't start new testing threads.

What do the various names being mean?

Abbreviated Name URL Description
TMS-DD The old SD server (that's going away)
SD-DD The new SD server

Can users that build from source make a change?

Yes. Locate the line to change with the following command and replace the URL with the new one above.

git grep