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Schedules Direct (SD) Changes

As some have heard, on November 1st, 2014, the existing SD service is changing. This Wiki is intended to be a short discussion of options for MythTV users.

Ideally, there would be a DNS change and the IP address for the existing (hard coded) hostname would be pointed to a new IP address and no action would be required by MythTV SD users. However, the owner of that hostname (which is not SD) could 'retire' that DNS record at any time leaving MythTV SD users out of service.

What must users do prior to November 1st, 2014?

0.27 and 0.28-pre users should keep their systems up to date with current fixes. The fix for this issue hasn't been released as of the last update of this Wiki. When released, information about it will be added here.

Version Commit Release Date
0.27 TBA TBA
0.28-pre TBA TBA

What must be done on November 1st.

If the above was followed, nothing.

Users running 0.26 and below should use the solution in the followng section.

Is there anything users can do to try the replacement now?

Yes, perhaps the simplest is to make the following entry in the backend's /etc/hosts file:

The new server is working well. But the more users testing it, the better. (It would be nice to discover any problems now rather than on 11/1.)

Is the /etc/hosts entry a proper solution? No, because it points the TMS-DD hostname to one of two Load Balancers in front of the SD host. Obviously, if that address were ever changed, the entry would become useless. It's not a bad solution, but it's certainly not as good as running on 31.0.

Are there any other sources of information about the change?


The announcement from SD.

List of open issues, also from SD.

The mythtv-users mailing list under the thread: Schedules Direct DataDirect replacement service testing. Or, it's archive). Please don't start new testing threads.

Discussions on the developer's channel.

Cast of characters (both of them.)

Abbreviated Name URL Description
TMS-DD Tribune hosted Datadirect Server (going away)
SD-DD SD hosted DataDirect Server

Can users that build from source make a change now?

Yes, locate the line to change with the following command and replace the hostname with the new one above. Be prepared to remove the change when the official commit is pushed.

git grep