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A collection of screenshots from a recent version of MythTV can be found [http://www.mythtv.org/modules.php?name=MythFeatures at the official website].
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== $NAME Theme ==
Below is a collection of screenshots from various parts of MythTV.  If you would like to see more images, you can always check the [http://www.mythtv.org/wiki/index.php/Category:Themes Themes Page]
=== Menus ===
The Retro Theme with default menu-style
The Titivillus Theme with classic menu-style
[[Image:Titivillus main menu.jpg]]
And some themes offer widescreen support like the Project Grayhem Theme
=== mythWelcome ===
A new application for displaying system info before the frontend is running:
[[Image:Welcome.jpg|450px|The mythWelcome Screen]]
=== Configuration ===
The MythCenter Theme in the main settings dialog
[[Image:Mythcenter config.jpg]]
The Retro Theme in the main audio setup section of MythTV
[[Image:Retro config.jpg]]
The popup Keyboard in the General Playback Setup section:
[[Image:Keyboard.jpg|450px|Popup Keyboard]]
=== Program Guide ===
=== OnScreen Display ===
The Isthmus OSD
Or the Gray OSD

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