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(MythGallery Settings)
(MythTV Settings)
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|| DBSchemaVer || 1083 || NULL || 
|| DBSchemaVer || 1083 || NULL || 
|| AutoCommercialFlag || 1 || NULL ||Whether commercials are automatically removed
|| AutoCommercialFlag || 1 || NULL ||Whether commercials are automatically flagged
|| CommercialSkipMethod || 1 || NULL || 
|| CommercialSkipMethod || 1 || NULL || 

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Important.png Note: The correct title of this article is settings table. It appears incorrectly here due to technical restrictions.

The settings table contains a list of global settings along with specific frontend and backend settings.

Table Description

Field name Type Null Key Default Extras
value varchar(128) MUL
data text YES NULL
hostname varchar(255) YES NULL

MythTV Settings

Value Typical Data hostname What is it for
DBSchemaVer 1083 NULL  
AutoCommercialFlag 1 NULL Whether commercials are automatically flagged
CommercialSkipMethod 1 NULL  
AggressiveCommDetect 1 NULL  
AutoExpireDiskThreshold 1 NULL At this percentage of disk space usage recorded programs begin to auto expire
AutoExpireFrequency 1 NULL  
AutoExpireMethod 1 NULL  
AutoExpireDefault 0 NULL  
MinRecordDiskThreshold 700 NULL  
RecPriorityActive 0 NULL  
RecPriorityOrder 1 NULL  
SingleRecordRecPriority 0 NULL  
WeekslotRecordRecPriority 0 NULL  
TimeslotRecordRecPriority 0 NULL  
ChannelRecordRecPriority 0 NULL  
AllRecordRecPriority 0 NULL  
MasterServerIP NULL The IP address on your network of your main machine (the PC that has the MySQL database on it). Most setups have only one machine, so all access is to localhost -
MasterServerPort 6543 NULL Obsolete? What TCP/IP port a frontend talks to the backend via
mythfilldatabaseLastRunStart 7/12/2006 21:15 NULL  
mythfilldatabaseLastRunEnd 7/12/2006 21:15 NULL  
mythfilldatabaseLastRunStatus FAILED: xmltv returned error code 512. NULL  
MythFillEnabled 0 NULL Should mythbackend run mythfilldatabase?
MythFillDatabasePath mythfilldatabase NULL What is the name of the program to fill the database?
MythFillDatabaseArgs NULL Any extra args
MythFillDatabaseLog NULL File to store any messages/errors in
MythFillPeriod 1 NULL  
MythFillMinHour 2 NULL What time do we start filling?
MythFillMaxHour 5 NULL Stop or give up at this time
TVFormat NULL What analogue TV standard do you use? PAL/NTSC
VbiFormat NULL What analogue TV extra information format do you use? (Vertical Blanking Information: Teletext, Closed Captioning, et cetera)
FreqTable NULL  
TimeOffset NULL  
MasterBackendOverride 1 NULL  
RecordChanged no NULL  
BackendServerIP mythtv The IP address on your network of your main machine (the PC that has the master backend on it).
BackendServerPort 6543 mythtv What TCP/IP port a frontend talks to the backend via
BackendStatusPort 6544 mythtv Another port, for test-based status information
RecordFilePrefix /myth/tv mythtv Where recordings are stored. This information is now in the 'storagegroup' table
LiveBufferDir /cache/cache mythtv Where Live TV files are stored. Obsolete as of 0.19, because Live TV files are basically the same as recordings
BufferSize 6 mythtv How many GB for Love TV recordings. Obsolete as of 0.19
MaxBufferFill 50 mythtv  
Deinterlace 1 mythtv Are Live TV and recordings de-interlaced?
ReduceJitter 1 mythtv  
ExperimentalAVSync 1 mythtv  
DecodeExtraAudio 0 mythtv If set, extra audio buffers are kept for smooth HD playback
PlaybackExitPrompt 0 mythtv  
EndOfRecordingExitPrompt 0 mythtv  
ClearSavedPosition 1 mythtv  
AltClearSavedPosition 1 mythtv  
FastForwardAmount 30 mythtv How many seconds does FFWD jump. Obsolete as of 0.19? (now in playback group)
RewindAmount 5 mythtv How many seconds does RWND jump. Obsolete as of 0.19? (now in playback group)
StickyKeys 0 mythtv  
FFRewRepos 1 mythtv  
ExactSeeking 0 mythtv  
JumpAmount 10 mythtv  
AutoCommercialSkip 0 mythtv  
VertScanPercentage 0 mythtv  
HorizScanPercentage 0 mythtv  
XScanDisplacement 0 mythtv  
YScanDisplacement 0 mythtv  
OSDTheme blueosd mythtv What is the name of the On Screen Display theme?
OSDDisplayTime 3 mythtv How many seconds does the On Screen Display stay up for before fading out (if your hardware supports that)
OSDFont FreeSans.ttf mythtv What font does the On Screen Diisplay use?
OSDCCFont FreeMono.ttf mythtv  
DefaultCCMode 0 mythtv  
RecordPreRoll 0 mythtv How many seconds early should recordings start?
RecordOverTime 0 mythtv How many seconds late should recordings continue recording for?
PlayBoxOrdering 1 mythtv  
ChannelOrdering channum + 0 mythtv  
DisplayChanNum 0 mythtv  
GeneratePreviewPixmaps 0 mythtv  
PlaybackPreview 1 mythtv  
AdvancedRecord 0 mythtv  
EPGFillType 10 mythtv  
EPGScrollType 1 mythtv  
EPGShowChannelIcon 1 mythtv  
chanPerPage 5 mythtv How many channels (rows) in the programme guide
timePerPage 4 mythtv  
UnknownTitle Program Info NOT Available mythtv  
UnknownCategory mythtv  
DefaultTVChannel 3 mythtv  
Theme G.A.N.T. mythtv What is the name of the theme for the user interface
RandomTheme 0 mythtv Change the user interface theme every time the frontend starts?
XineramaScreen 0 mythtv Use more than one screen?
GuiWidth 664 mythtv How many pixels wide for the user interface
GuiHeight 535 mythtv  
GuiOffsetX 32 mythtv  
GuiOffsetY 24 mythtv  
RunFrontendInWindow 0 mythtv  
Language EN mythtv  
DateFormat ddd MMM d mythtv  
ShortDateFormat d/M mythtv  
TimeFormat h:mm ap mythtv  
QtFontSmall 12 mythtv  
QtFontMedium 16 mythtv  
QtFontBig 25 mythtv  
PlayBoxTransparency 1 mythtv  
PlayBoxShading 0 mythtv  
AudioOutputDevice /dev/dsp mythtv  
AggressiveSoundcardBuffer 0 mythtv  
MythControlsVolume 1 mythtv  
MixerDevice /dev/mixer mythtv  
MixerControl PCM mythtv  
MasterMixerVolume 70 mythtv  
PCMMixerVolume 96 mythtv  
AllowQuitShutdown 4 mythtv  
HaltCommand sudo halt mythtv  
KeyboardAccelerators 1 mythtv  
DVDDeviceLocation /dev/dvd mythtv  
ChannelRecPrioritySorting 0 mythtv  
DataDirectMessage NULL NULL  
HaveRepeats 0 NULL  
SaveTranscoding 0 NULL  
DeletesFollowLinks 0 NULL  
startupCommand NULL  
blockSDWUwithoutClient 1 NULL  
idleTimeoutSecs 0 NULL  
idleWaitForRecordingTime 15 NULL  
StartupSecsBeforeRecording 120 NULL  
WakeupTimeFormat hh:mm yyyy-MM-dd NULL  
SetWakeuptimeCommand NULL  
ServerHaltCommand sudo /sbin/halt -p NULL  
preSDWUCheckCommand NULL  
WOLbackendReconnectWaitTime 0 NULL  
WOLbackendConnectRetry 5 NULL  
WOLbackendCommand NULL  
WOLslaveBackendsCommand NULL  
JobQueueMaxSimultaneousJobs 1 mythtv  
JobQueueCheckFrequency 60 mythtv  
JobQueueWindowStart 0:00 mythtv  
JobQueueWindowEnd 23:59 mythtv  
JobQueueCPU 0 mythtv  
JobAllowCommFlag 1 mythtv  
JobAllowUserJob1 0 mythtv Allow to use UserJob 1
JobAllowUserJob2 0 mythtv Allow to use UserJob 2
JobAllowUserJob3 0 mythtv Allow to use UserJob 3
JobAllowUserJob4 0 mythtv Allow to use UserJob 4
JobsRunOnRecordHost 0 NULL  
AutoTranscodeBeforeAutoCommflag 0 NULL  
AutoCommflagWhileRecording 0 NULL  
UserJobDesc1 User Job #1 NULL  
UserJob1 NULL  
UserJobDesc2 User Job #2 NULL  
UserJob2 NULL  
UserJobDesc3 User Job #3 NULL  
UserJob3 NULL  
UserJobDesc4 User Job #4 NULL  
UserJob4 NULL  
DeinterlaceFilter linearblend mythtv What is the name of the filter that will be used if deinterlacing is set. Current deinterlacers, in increasing quality and CPU load are; linearblend, kerneldeint, bob
CustomFilters mythtv  
UseMPEG2Dec 1 mythtv Which MPEG decoder to use. There are several; Standard (ffmpeg), libmpeg2, and hardware acceleration (XVMC, XVMC-VLD, MacAccel)
UseXVMC 0 mythtv  
UseXvMcVld 0 mythtv  
RealtimePriority 0 mythtv  
UseVideoTimebase 0 mythtv  
AspectOverride 0 mythtv  
PIPLocation 0 mythtv  
UseOutputPictureControls 0 mythtv  
CCBufferWarnings 0 mythtv  
UDPNotifyPort 6948 mythtv  
PlayBoxEpisodeSort Date mythtv  
PreviewPixmapOffset 64 NULL How far into a recording should the little preview image come from
PlaybackPreviewLowCPU 0 mythtv If set, skip frames in the preview to now waste CPU cycles
PlaybackBoxStartInTitle 1 mythtv  
ShowGroupInfo 0 mythtv  
AllRecGroupPassword NULL  
DisplayRecGroup All Programs mythtv  
RememberRecGroup 1 mythtv  
UseCategoriesAsRecGroups 0 mythtv  
DispRecGroupAsAllProg 0 mythtv  
PVR350OutputEnable 1 mythtv  
PVR350VideoDev /dev/video16 mythtv  
PVR350EPGAlphaValue 164 mythtv  
PVR350InternalAudioOnly 0 mythtv  
SmartForward 0 mythtv  
FFRewReverse 1 mythtv  
CommRewindAmount 0 mythtv  
CommNotifyAmount 0 mythtv  
CommSkipAllBlanks 1 NULL  
TryUnflaggedSkip 0 mythtv  
OSDThemeFontSizeType default mythtv  
CCBackground 0 mythtv  
PersistentBrowseMode 0 mythtv  
SmartChannelChange 1 mythtv  
LastFreeCard 0 NULL  
ChannelFormat <num> <sign> mythtv  
LongChannelFormat <num> <name> mythtv  
ATSCCheckSignalWait 5000 NULL  
ATSCCheckSignalThreshold 65 NULL  
HDRingbufferSize 9400 NULL  
RerecordAutoExpired 0 NULL  
AutoRunUserJob1 0 NULL  
AutoRunUserJob2 0 NULL  
AutoRunUserJob3 0 NULL  
AutoRunUserJob4 0 NULL  
EPGShowCategoryColors 1 mythtv  
EPGShowCategoryText 1 mythtv  
EPGShowFavorites 0 mythtv  
WatchTVGuide 0 mythtv  
SelectChangesChannel 0 mythtv  
SelChangeRecThreshold 16 mythtv  
EPGEnableJumpToChannel 1 NULL  
Style mythtv  
ThemeFontSizeType default mythtv  
MenuTheme classic mythtv  
GuiSizeForTV 1 mythtv If set, this frontend may not use the full screen for TV playback
HideMouseCursor 1 mythtv  
UseVideoModes 0 mythtv  
GuiVidModeResolution 720x576 mythtv  
TVVidModeResolution 720x576 mythtv  
TVVidModeForceAspect 0 mythtv  
VidModeWidth0 0 mythtv  
VidModeHeight0 0 mythtv  
TVVidModeResolution0 720x576 mythtv  
TVVidModeForceAspect0 0 mythtv  
VidModeWidth1 0 mythtv  
VidModeHeight1 0 mythtv  
TVVidModeResolution1 720x576 mythtv  
TVVidModeForceAspect1 0 mythtv  
VidModeWidth2 0 mythtv  
VidModeHeight2 0 mythtv  
TVVidModeResolution2 720x576 mythtv  
TVVidModeForceAspect2 0 mythtv  
LCDEnable 0 mythtv Try to use this machine's small front panel display (driven by LCDd).
LCDShowTime 1 mythtv Show the time on that display
LCDShowMenu 1 mythtv Show position in menu hierarchy on that display
LCDShowMusic 1 mythtv Show songs being played on that display
LCDShowChannel 1 mythtv Shaw channel name on that display
LCDShowVolume 1 mythtv  
LCDShowGeneric 1 mythtv  
LCDBacklightOn 1 mythtv If that display has a backlight, keep it on
LCDPopupTime 5 mythtv  
AC3PassThru 0 mythtv  
IndividualMuteControl 0 mythtv  
NoPromptOnExit 1 mythtv If set and the user escapes at the top-level menu, exits without a prompt
LircKeyPressedApp mythtv  
UseArrowAccels 1 mythtv  
SetupPinCodeRequired 0 mythtv  
MonitorDrives 0 mythtv Look for CDs/DVDs/HardDisks that may have been plugged into the frontend, and try to run appropriate plugin for the media on that drive
EnableXbox 0 mythtv  
LogEnabled 0 NULL  
LogPrintLevel 8 mythtv  
LogCleanEnabled 0 mythtv  
LogCleanPeriod 14 mythtv  
LogCleanDays 14 mythtv  
LogCleanMax 30 mythtv  
LogMaxCount 100 mythtv  
SchedMoveHigher 0 NULL  
OverrideRecordRecPriority 0 NULL  
FindOneRecordRecPriority 0 NULL  
TVVidModeRefreshRate 0 mythtv  
TVVidModeRefreshRate0 0 mythtv  
TVVidModeRefreshRate1 0 mythtv  
TVVidModeRefreshRate2 0 mythtv  
VideoDefaultView 0 mythtv  
ProgramRecPrioritySorting 0 mythtv  
ProgramRecPriorityReverse 0 mythtv  
ViewSchedShowLevel 0 mythtv  

MythPhone Settings

Value Typical Data hostname What is it for
PhoneDBSchemaVer 1001 NULL  
SipRegisterWithProxy 1 mythtv  
SipProxyName fwd.pulver.com mythtv  
SipProxyAuthName mythtv  
SipProxyAuthPassword mythtv  
MySipName Me mythtv  
CodecPriorityList GSM;G.711u;G.711a mythtv  
SipBindInterface eth0 mythtv  
SipLocalPort 5060 mythtv  
NatTraversalMethod None mythtv  
NatIpAddress http://checkip.dyndns.org mythtv  
AudioLocalPort 21232 mythtv  
VideoLocalPort 21234 mythtv  
SipAutoanswer 0 mythtv  
TimeToAnswer 10 mythtv  
DefaultVxmlUrl mythtv  
DefaultVoicemailPrompt "I am not at home, please leave a message after the tone" mythtv  
WebcamDevice /dev/video mythtv  
MicrophoneDevice None mythtv  
TxResolution 176x144 mythtv  
TransmitFPS 5 mythtv  
TransmitBandwidth 256 mythtv  
CaptureResolution 352x288 mythtv  

MythVideo Settings

Value Typical Data hostname What is it for
VideoDBSchemaVer 1005 NULL  
VideoStartupDir /share mythtv Where to look for video media files
VideoArtworkDir /home/mythtv/.mythtv/MythVideo mythtv Where to look for video covers
VideoDefaultParentalLevel 4 mythtv  
VideoAggressivePC 0 mythtv  
VideoListUnknownFiletypes 1 mythtv  
VideoTreeNoDB 0 mythtv  
VideoNewBrowsable 1 mythtv  
Default MythVideo View 2 mythtv  
MovieListCommandLine /usr/share/mythtv/mythvideo/scripts/imdb.pl -M tv=no;video=no mythtv  
MoviePosterCommandLine /usr/share/mythtv/mythvideo/scripts/imdb.pl -P mythtv  
MovieDataCommandLine /usr/share/mythtv/mythvideo/scripts/imdb.pl -D mythtv  
VideoGalleryColsPerPage 4 mythtv  
VideoGalleryRowsPerPage 3 mythtv  
VideoGallerySubtitle 1 mythtv  
VideoGalleryAspectRatio 1 mythtv  
VideoDefaultPlayer mplayer -fs -zoom -quiet -vo xv %s mythtv  

MythMusic Settings

Value Typical Data hostname What is it for
MusicDBSchemaVer 1005 NULL  
MusicLocation /myth/music/ mythtv  
AudioDevice /dev/dsp mythtv  
TreeLevels artist album title mythtv  
RepeatMode all mythtv  
LastMusicPlaylistPush 0 mythtv  
Ignore_ID3 0 mythtv  
AutoLookupCD 1 mythtv  
CDDevice /dev/cdrom mythtv  
PostCDRipScript mythtv  
ParanoiaLevel Full mythtv  
EjectCDAfterRipping 1 mythtv  
PlayMode none mythtv  
IntelliRatingWeight 35 mythtv  
IntelliPlayCountWeight 25 mythtv  
IntelliLastPlayWeight 25 mythtv  
IntelliRandomWeight 15 mythtv  
MusicShowRatings 0 mythtv  
ShowWholeTree 0 mythtv  
ListAsShuffled 0 mythtv  
VisualMode Random mythtv  
VisualCycleOnSongChange 0 mythtv  
VisualModeDelay 0 mythtv  
VisualScaleWidth 1 mythtv  
VisualScaleHeight 1 mythtv  
CDWriterEnabled 1 mythtv  
CDWriterDevice "1,0,0" mythtv  
CDDiskSize 1 mythtv  
CDCreateDir 1 mythtv  
CDWriteSpeed 0 mythtv  
CDBlankType fast mythtv  
FilenameTemplate ARTIST/ALBUM/TRACK-TITLE mythtv  
TagSeparator - mythtv  
NoWhitespace 0 mythtv  
EncoderType ogg mythtv  
DefaultRipQuality 0 mythtv  
Mp3UseVBR 0 mythtv  

MythGallery Settings

Value Typical Data hostname What is it for
GalleryDBSchemaVer 1000 NULL  
GalleryMoviePlayerCmd mplayer -fs %s mythtv  
SlideshowOpenGLTransition none mythtv  
GalleryDir /myth/gallery mythtv  
GalleryImportDirs /mnt/cdrom:/mnt/camera mythtv  
SlideshowTransition none mythtv  
SlideshowBackground mythtv  
GalleryRecursiveSlideShow 1 mythtv Should it recurse into directories during a slide show (1) or not (0)
SlideshowDelay 5 mythtv  

MythGame Settings

Value Typical Data hostname What is it for
GameDBSchemaVer 1004 NULL  
GameAllTreeLevels system year genre gamename mythtv  
GameFavTreeLevels gamename mythtv  
MameScoresDirectory /var/lib/mythgame/hiscore mythtv  
MameScoresFile /var/lib/mythgame/hiscore.dat mythtv  
MameImageDownloader mythtv  
MameAutomaticallyDownloadImages 1 mythtv  
SnesEmulator SNES9x mythtv  
AtariBinary /usr/bin/stella.sdl mythtv  
AtariRomLocation /usr/lib/games/atari/roms mythtv  
Odyssey2Binary /usr/bin/o2em mythtv  
Odyssey2RomLocation /usr/lib/games/odyssey2/roms mythtv  
GameTreeLevels system year genre gamename mythtv  
XMameBinary /usr/games/xmame mythtv  
MameRomLocation /myth/games/xmame/roms mythtv  
XMameCatFile /usr/lib/games/xmame/catver.ini mythtv  
MameScreensLocation /myth/games/xmame/screens mythtv  
MameScoresLocation /myth/games/xmame/hiscores mythtv  
MameFlyersLocation /myth/games/xmame/flyers mythtv  
MameCabinetsLocation /myth/games/xmame/cabs mythtv  
MameHistoryLocation /myth/games/xmame/history mythtv  
MameCheatLocation mythtv  
MameShowDisclaimer 1 mythtv  
MameShowGameInfo 1 mythtv  
NesBinary /usr/games/fceu-sdl mythtv  
NesRomLocation /myth/games/nes/roms mythtv  
NesCRCFile /home/media/games/nes/nes.crc mythtv  
NesScreensLocation /myth/games/nes/screens mythtv  
SnesBinary /usr/bin/snes9x mythtv  
SnesRomLocation /myth/games/snes/roms mythtv  
SnesScreensLocation /myth/games/snes/screens mythtv  
PCGameList /usr/games/gamelist.xml mythtv  
PCScreensLocation /myth/games/pc/screens mythtv  

MythDVD Settings

Value Typical Data hostname What is it for
DVDDBSchemaVer 1001 NULL  
VCDDeviceLocation /dev/cdrom mythtv  
DVDOnInsertDVD 1 mythtv  
DVDPlayerCommand mplayer dvd:// -dvd-device %d -fs -zoom -vo xv mythtv  
VCDPlayerCommand mplayer vcd:// -cdrom-device %d -fs -zoom -vo xv mythtv  
DVDRipLocation /var/lib/mythdvd/temp mythtv  
TitlePlayCommand mplayer dvd://%t -dvd-device %d -fs -zoom -vo xv -aid %a -channels %c mythtv  
SubTitleCommand -sid %s mythtv  
TranscodeCommand transcode mythtv  
MTDPort 2442 mythtv  
MTDNiceLevel 20 mythtv  
MTDConcurrentTranscodes 1 mythtv  
MTDRipSize 0 mythtv  
MTDLogFlag 0 mythtv  
MTDac3Flag 0 mythtv  
MTDxvidFlag 1 mythtv