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(Summarize model lineup)
(Plus--no multi-rec if transcoding)
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| ATSC and ClearQAM  
| ATSC and ClearQAM  
| 2 tuners
| 2 tuners
| Mulit-rec  
| Mulit-rec (if not transcoding)
| [[Silicondust_HDHomeRun_Prime|HDHomerun Prime]]  
| [[Silicondust_HDHomeRun_Prime|HDHomerun Prime]]  

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Silicondust USA Inc. manufactures and sells a variety of network-attached tuner devices. Detailed information is available for the more popular devices by following the links.

Silicondust HDHomerun model summary
Model Geographic area supported Broadcast standards Number of tuners MythTV multi-rec capable
HDHomerun Plus North America ATSC and ClearQAM 2 tuners Mulit-rec (if not transcoding)
HDHomerun Prime North America Cable Card 3 tuners No multi-rec
HdHomerun Dual US North America ATSC and ClearQAM 2 tuners Multi-rec
HDHomerun Dual EU Europe and ?? DVB-C 4 tuners donno
HDRack US North America Cable Card X 2 6 tuners No multi-rec
HDRack EU North America ATSC and ClearQAM 8 tuners Multi-rec
HDRack EU Europe DVB-T DVB-C 8 tuners donno