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MythTV allows every recording to be treated differently with regard to how it is recorded and how it is stored & played back. A variety of options are available to customise the behaviour of every recording rule. These are as follows:

Recording Profile

Each recording rule can be configured with a different recording profile. For example, colorful cinematography can be configured with a "High Quality" profile, while 'talking heads' interviews shows can be configured with a "Low Quality" profile. These recording profiles need to be configured before using them.

Recording Group

For organisation of the "Watch Recordings" screen and the MythWeb interface, recordings can be assigned into "recording groups".

Playback Group

This selects a set of pre-configured playback parameters which can be created and edited in Setup->TV Settings->Playback Groups. When the recording is played, the values from this playback group will be used. This allows you to choose a default time stretch value, skip and jump amounts appropriate for this type of television program.


MythTV will "autoexpire" old recordings to make room for new recordings when disk space gets filled up. This option can be set to "Don't allow auto expire" to prevent these recordings from being automatically deleted when disk space fills up.

The default setting is for all scheduled recordings to be eligible for auto-expiration; this can be changed in the Settings->TV Settings->General page by manipulating the "Auto Expire Default" checkbox.

The default auto-expire policy is "Oldest Show First"; the oldest recordings are deleted first. The "Lowest Priority First" method chooses to expire the lowest-priority recordings first.

Episode Limit

An episode limit can also be configured to limit the maximum number of episodes recorded of a single series, to restrict that series' disk usage. If this is set, you can further decide what to do when this limit is reached; either stop recording that series, or to delete the oldest episodes in favour of the new ones.

Storage Group

In MythTV 0.21 an additional option is available to change the Storage_Groups of a recording rule, meaning that recordings generated from different recording rules can be stored in their own directories.