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Subversion is an open source tool used to manage software projects. It is based on the fundamental concepts used in CVS, but includes enhanced features.

A link to the MythTV subversion repository lives in the Resources section of the navigation sidebar, and is accessible from all pages on the site.

If you are going to use Subversion builds on your machine, please understand that you are venturing into the waters of alpha testing, and be prepared to cope with the more stringent expectations that will be placed upon you.

More information on how to compose a TRAC ticket that will best help the developers to identify and, possibly, work on, your problem can be found here.

Be sure to read

before visiting

If you already use MythTV packages for your distro from your friendly local repository, be sure to uninstall them before building MythTV from source.

Because of the nature of SVN trunk, reverting to a previous version of MythTV will be very difficult (if not impossible) unless there is a backup of the database which can be restored.

Back up the database BEFORE installing a newer version of MythTV. Backing up the database on a regular basis is a very good habit to get into in any case.