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Sound Synchronisation quirks for specific cards

Sound sync in general is covered in many other places. This page is for specific cases where the instructions don't work!

Leadtek Winfast TV 2000 and a SB Live

You need to setup the mixer to record from both line in, and capture. You need to have line in muted, and pcm unmuted. This is not that dissimilar to the way the docs describe it, and you probably would have gotten here by yourself. And allegedly in older versions of alsa? (mandrake 9?) this was all that is required. For right now, with debian 2.6.10 and mandrake 10.1, you also need to screw with ac97.

playback sliders

  • ac97 at zero
  • pcm at mid range
  • pcm unmuted
  • master at midrange
  • master unmuted

record sliders

  • ac97 cap at midrange
  • line in at midrange
  • line in muted
  • line in selected
  • for record
  • capture selected for record

(This assumes you have connected the audio out socket of the tuner card to the line in (blue plug) of the sb live)

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