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Driver Issues, setup issues, et al

Adding first-person commentary to a wiki page turns it from a factual article into a forum post. If something in the article is demonstrably wrong, fix it. If it appears there is a driver issue and/or you cannot *prove* with citations that something does not work, please post to the v4l/linux-media mailing list about the card/driver in question, where the driver developers can answer your questions (and provide you with a citable post) about support status. As of now, analog tuning is reported to work. If you think that is wrong, then speak to the driver authors, then edit the page with *factual* information backed up by citations.

Does it support QAM?

Using the latest KnoppMyth i will also confirm that QAM256 works on the HDTV Wonder, I bought the first version of the card.


I'm ready to return the thing. It can get the (1) off-the-air channel i get here. Absolutely 0 QAM signals. The documentation for some of the windows stuff talks about the fact that while the nxt2004 supports QAM, the "rest of the HDTV Wonder supports only 79 channels". Probably should have just broken down and mail-ordered a real one :)

Full QAM256 escapes me as well in Ubuntu Feisty 7.04

I spent several hours last night attempting to get this card working on my machine. I can get all the local channels through my cable provider but anything else is nonexistent. I've used every Frequency table and ATSC Modulation combination you can try in the search for channels screen. I will get channels to lock like 100#2, 100#3, 100#4, and so on and so forth but none of them are viewable. I think the only cable channel I am able to get is an NBA League Pass channel. Does anyone think it may be my kernel I'm using ( I think I've got over 150 digital channels through Time Warner but only being able to watch 5 or 6 of them is a little annoying.

      To the above comment, we all share your expirence... The cable Co encryptes almost everything which prevents us from viewing much beyond the local channels.

QAM-256 does work

I can successfully decode QAM-256 from my cable provider with the HDTV Wonder using MythTV. I have 39 digital channels, including 5 HD channels.

Make sure you use the CATV tuner, not the DTV tuner. Also, the MythTV scanner did not pick up HD channels, I used the AZAP method detailed in the MythTV wiki.

QAM256 works in Ubuntu 6.10 with mythTV 0.20

The build-in mythtv channel scanner worked fine. I choose the QAM256 option. It got a ton of channels, but only about 25 are viewable.

I can also confirm that, despite reports of QAM256 not working, I have had success in getting QAM256 to work on two ATI HDTV Wonders -- an older one, and a newer one. On one, I use the CATV input, and the other the DTV input for the cable connection. I created a channels.conf and imported that into MythTV. -- RandallB

Discrepancy in article or confusion on my part?

Part of the article describes Ubuntu 7.04 (Feisty Fawn) as having the kernel configured correctly which i assume means it also has the correct kernal version.

"The default kernel with Ubuntu 7.04 is already configured correctly and the "Kernel Configuration" section can be skipped."

I also see this warning... Warning: Kernel's 2.6.20 to (tested) are broken. Kernel 2.6.21.x and above are fixed

When I run the uname -r command on my Feisty Fawn install I get 2.6.20-15-generic. Does this mean I need to upgrade my kernel? I installed a text only Ubuntu version from the alternate disc. It might be worth mentioning in the article that the alternate does not have the correct kernel version. Others may have this problem since I followed the instructions at