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Why isn't this checked into the myththemes tree in CVS at ?

It's the perfect place for people to test, install, upgrade, provide patches etc.

Missing date/time info on mythmusic screen

Although the developer states that he fixed all time displays with the 30.12.2009 version, there still is a "Not supported yet" on the mythmusic screen (see also the respective screenshot).

When will this be fixed/supported ?

  • Presumably when MythMusic is MythUI, which it isn't yet.

Oh yes, I see... After looking into the sources, I realized that MythMusic in fact is not MythUI yet... Looks like a lot of preparation work has been done already... --Verzweifler 17:12, 7 January 2010 (UTC)

Nice Theme

Thanks for the awesome theme :) - --Killerkiwi Having issues with alpha not working... any pointers? +1 to get this in cvs

Watched Shows?

MythTV supports marking a show as watched. I'd love to see the theme support it, ideally by placing a check mark next to the show title, both for recordings and (more importantly for me) videos. Similar to xmbc behavior.