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Some suggestions:

  • Read '~/.mythtv/config.xml' rather than any of the 'mysql.txt' files.
  • Read database hostname from config.xml, to allow access to remote SQL servers.
  • Use a single file, rather than a php script called from a bourne script. Preferably, call comskip.exe by php script directly, using 'system', 'exec', 'passthru', or 'popen'.
  • Feed the script chanid and starttime, or have it retrieve those from the jobid. You can then pull the filename out of the 'recorded' table. It's a lot easier to just start from those, rather than try to work back from the filename, which may have been changed by the user to a different format.
  • If supported by comskip.exe, feed it the URL to the MythXML recording download. This would allow it to be run on machines that don't otherwise have filesystem access to the recording.