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if someone works out how to use xine to take the MythDVD Rip audio channel %a/%c subtitle info for the preview, please add it here. Lwoggardner 22:51, 24 March 2006 (UTC)
Deprecated, maybe, but has the Internal player in the .21 release gotten the full power of xine's post processing ability? With the backported DScaler goodies, xine becomes as a tiny god. I know there's always been the playback filters in myth, but the docs for the "postprocess" filter says: "While this exists in MythTV source code, it is currently not recommended for use." and has since Myth 0.15. Is there any word on if "postprocess" has any use yet? Also, does the internal player .21 use ffmpeg's multi-threaded decoding? That's something that I need for h264 and I doubt I'm alone.