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I have been messing with the usb port for a few days, I finally found this site after hours of searching.

I made a null cable, yet I still had to many problems to contend with, I have played with all the systems out there for httpc and found a major problem with this reciver the D11. So I called Direct TV today and finally got to a sorta real tech. LOL!

She had to try to read about what I was asking for on the usb port but she did find the problem.

There having a huge problem that will not be resolved for a projected time of 2 months. The USB port is not working due to software issues. It is a problems the will be fixed with a upgrade in the soft ware and although its not confirmed she did seem to thing this is a usb Upnp device.

Until then I think Ill buy a D10.

I appreciated the artical and hope that this will clear some issues up.

Trying to get (D11 version) working with MythTV

I'm able to successfully use the modified (to use D11) perl script, through a null-modem cum IOGear serial/usb converter, to work from a shell prompt, but have had no luck getting it to work from within MythTV. In mythtv-setup, in the box where the external tuner command string goes, I'm using box_type D11 on last_param delay .2 key exit

as specified by the script's usage verbiage. MythTV is supposed to place the desired channel number at the end of this string and then run the command. (And, yes, I've made sure it's in a directory where mythtv will find it. I've also tried using the explicit path. No joy.) It seems to have some effect in that the picture pauses for a moment, without sound, and then goes right on displaying the same channel I was watching before. No change.

Any ideas?

Ok, any GOOD ideas?

No luck with D11-100

I'm assuming the 100 extension is the manufacturer. I have 3 new boxes, all delivered end of May 2006. They are all D11-100, with firmware 0x1005. I've verified my cabling should work and checked everything on the Myth box, but I never receive any response from the STB. Very frustrated.