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This was a major issue for me:

I can't scan DVB-S card, or even import channels.conf!

(And I see "DiSEqCDevTree, Error: No root device tree node!" in the output) A: Go to the card's settings in mythtv-setup, and configure DiSEqC. If you don't use DiSEqC switch, set it's type to LNB, default settings.

I wanted to post my own question to this page, without being so bold as to directly edit the page in case that would be deemed to be improper etiquette.

How do I remove recordings that no longer exist on disk?

Is that manual step with the script still needed? It seems that removing recordings which no longer have files associated to them works just fine by default.

CleanUp: What are my options for connecting my computer to my TV?

Discuss: Frequently_Asked_Questions#What_are_my_options_for_connecting_my_computer_to_my_TV.3F

Seems like this topic is big enough to be its own page with a summary and hyper links here.

There are probably others -- Ghormann -- 04/17/2011

When using live TV, why is there a delay between the moment I change the channel and the time the channel actually changes?

Any reason why my contributions regarding using a ramdisk were removed? Ref: [1] Eponymous 12:25, 15 January 2013 (UTC)