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I assume we can talk about this page (Galaxy3500IPTV-UPnP) here?

I suppose...

I have not dusted off my Galaxy 3500 for ages (year+). Since then I have been tempted to try the Pop Corn Hour box instead. But I haven't gotten very far with either. These boxes are based on SigmaDesign hardware and Syabas (linux) software. You would have thought this would have been completely backwards engineered by now. But, AFAIK, it has not. Which doesn't help others who just would like to develop or port applications to these platforms.

Combine that with the ever lowering prices and increased horse power of small form factor PCs and you wonder why any of us would ever bother using these devices as a mythtv client (or any other type of media client - have you tried their crappy software?).

As far as I am concerned, SigmaDesign has missed the open source market opening. Maybe, if they opened up their hardware 5 or 6 years ago, when the PC platform was large and noisy, they would still be an acceptable (even preferable) client option. But now, as I see it, it would be easier to build an Atom based mythtv client and run stock software right off the web.