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Actually, in MythTV .17 I had the "Goom" OpenGL visualizer working beautifully through the PVR-350 from MythMusic (on the Ubuntu Hoary Hedgehog Linux distribution). MythTV version .18 broke MythMusic (wouldn't compile with SDL (Simple DirectMedia Layer) support), and so Goom is no more on the PVR-350.

True, Goom works, but not Tuxracer or the OpenGL slideshow transitions.

Should some mention of heat problems be made, particularly when used for X?

--Brianiac 21:28, 1 July 2006 (UTC)

The recommended solution is to just buy a new video card. They're cheap, plentiful, provide better output than the PVR-350, and vastly better hardware decoding support.

Better output?, I'm sorry sir, that is absolutly not true, for having a PVR-350 for 8 years now I know that there maybe some software solutions that could be as good but none could be better.

I had a system that worked well for years, the only reason I had to upgrade it from time to time was because of the lack of backward support of the newer releases with older databases. I upgrade ubuntu on a workstation and bang, mythfrontend on it does not support the db version of my working mythtv server, I'm then forced to upgrade the myth server with the PVR-350 and bang, no hardware mpeg2 decoding, cause someone decided that my hardware was too old. I felt betrayed and abandonned.

I finally made it work with some XV on the PVR-350, but it took me a while to figure out I could do it and those were stressful moments, I do not have the will to find hardware to replace some that works fine. All of this would never had happened if mythfrontend wouldn't be so picky about the age of the database format.

--Meantux, who remembers the time when the PVR-350 was THE ultimate thing to put in a mythtv server.

Those who want their hardware to be supported forever make an effort to support the code. Not ONE person in the last few years has stepped up to support the TV-out capabilities of the PVR-350 and the code was a barrier to enhancements of the video rendering code which will benefit the majority of users. No-one betrayed you, support wasn't removed from old versions, despite what you may claim, no-one has ever forced you to upgrade your frontends.--GBee 10:10, 4 May 2010 (UTC)
And regarding being "picky about the age of the database format," Myth isn't arbitrarily locking out old versions, there are real reasons that it can't work across versions. The database queries and myth protocol commands that change between releases could literally destroy the data found in older or newer versions. Adding new features means changing the "language" spoken by the protocol, and the format of the database. If we just arbitrarily allowed any version to connect to any other version of myth, it is conceivable that every myth install would be rendered non-functional very quickly. Writing any sort of cross-compatibility layer is not trivial, and would be a HUGE amount of work to maintain when there are less than a dozen MythTV developers. As Gbee mentioned, nobody is forced to upgrade, and if they don't want the hassle, or want to use code that we no longer have the hardware, manpower, or interest to support, users are free to go on using older versions of myth for as long as they wish. Iamlindoro 15:37, 4 May 2010 (UTC)