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Intro Material

Could there be a link to the capabilities of the AppleTV setup? Can it do HD, 1080i, 1080p, H.264, etc? Are there different versions of the hardware to look for?

User Interface

Could somebody please comment to what extent MythTV on an AppleTV can be controlled in a useful way by Apple's remote control?

Installing SSH without opening the AppleTV case

I don't want to open my AppleTV and void the warranty. Luckily, there are now instructions on the AwkwardTV wiki to Install SSH without opening the Apple TV. Once my AppleTV arrives, I will pop in the patchstick I made (on an old 256MB USB stick I happen to have lying around) and see if I can install SSH without having to open the case. Then I should be able to get MythTV installed there over SSH.

Also, I'll try to find or make a plugin which runs MythFrontend instead of replacing the default top level menu completely with MythTV. The goal is to preserve the original AppleTV functionality -- I have a lot of music in my iTunes and I want to be able to play those on the AppleTV as well.

--Any luck with this? I'll buy an AppleTV tomorrow if you got this going as just a plugin for the regular AppleTV

Font Info

My initial test with ktrace on Mac OS X showed a lot of references to "Trebuchet MS", and a single "Arial" reference. I'm sure more are used..

Performance Info

SD MPEG2 should work fine on the AppleTV's 1GHz Pentium-M. Any test results for higher resolution MPEG2 would be very interesting. Test results of the (possibly accelerated) playback of H.264 files is also relevant for European broadcasts in MythTV, and for others transcoding MPEG2-HD into an appropriate resolution for AppleTV playback.

Alternative methods

Make_index.php is a script to run on your backend box which will setup the recordings in subdirectories so they can be viewed in a media player like FireCore media on an Apple TV box.

Question for AppleTV-MythTV users: Does the current state of this effort allow for use of a remote control?