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I'm curious to know if the intent of this page is to supercede Wilsonet Fedora Myth(TV)ology. Does Jarod know about it? Is there a point to updating this page (meaning, will it continue to get updated?) BTW, I'm asking all this because I'm interested in contributing, but I don't see much point in doing so if Jarod is not onboard himself and will be maintaining his own page seperately. --Aagha 13:59, 25 July 2006 (UTC)

  1. Yes, it makes no sense if the pages are not updated regularly, but... we should not rely on one particular person's page. Turning it into a wiki will allow the community to contribute to the docs.


I removed the empty hardware section because there are no special hardware requirements for Fedora and it is covered elseware in the wiki. If special hardware is a consideration it should probably be added as a footnote or a seperate page.


Should probably split this into different docs for the different fedora releases.

  1. Hmm, but if there are no kernel modules or rpms for older versions what's the point?

Fill out Capture Card Section

This is a reminder to fill out the Capture Card Section. I'll probably do it when I get a chance for the ivtv driver.

Add section to enable remote desktop access

Basically enable the remote desktop access, so that users can VNC into the box. This is very helpful and simple to do in fc6.


I recently went through a FC6 install (heavily influenced by Jarod's guide). Couple things that might be helpful:

- Kernel Issue: there's no mention of the bug where FC6 incorrectly installs the 586 kernel instead of 686 (see info here for details). I performed the install "from scratch" multiple times on the same machine and encountered this issue during several of those installs. No rhyme or reason as far as I can tell. Might want to mention it, since it seems like it's pretty common.

- nVidia Drivers: while the 8776 drivers will install okay, if one wishes to go with the 9629 version, the install from ATRpms was a little lumpy. Could be me, but every time I installed 9629, X wouldn't fire back up on restart. Had to log in console and roll-back to previous xorg.conf (or re-tweak it). I had no problems with the 9629 package from Livna, however. But Livna doesn't play nice with ATRpms/Freshrpms during later installs. I finally followed a process where I completed the initial FC6, performed the upgrade, added the Livna repos, install nVidia 9629, remove Livna, add ATRpms and Freshrpms, continue install.

Thanks for your efforts!