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  • I added some notes to help with changes in Fedora 11 -Infiltrator 13:03 14 October 2009 (UTC)


Should probably split this into different docs for the different fedora releases.

  1. Hmm, but if there are no kernel modules or rpms for older versions what's the point?

Older versions past the previous version aren't updated, thus notes on the previous version are the only ones that should be kept.

Add section to enable remote desktop access

Basically enable the remote desktop access, so that users can VNC into the box.



ATrpms can cause problems for a Fedora install, but it is one of only three valid ways to install MythTV. (

MythTV for newbies

I am going through a new install of MythTV on FC10. I am a newbie to Fedora and had some difficulties following some of the instructions. Some things that would help newbies:

- Getting Fedora: by default, Fedora offers live CD packages. These don't allow some of the customizations recommended on this wiki. I would recommend to guide the user to the "Show me all download options page" ( and download the full installation DVD.

- The $KVER variable wasn't working for me (again, maybe because of my ignorance). I had to remove the '\' from the command line. Also, in most instances where $KVER was used, the intended package was not found. For example # yum install lirc-kmdl-$KVER yields the following error message: "No package lirc-kdml- available).