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Building for AAC Support

At the moment, instructions for AAC support are missing. Unfortunantly, all is not plain saling for that that simply want to install faad2 from source. There is a little trick or two - check this post [[1]]. Eventually, it would be nice to put some comprehensive instructions on it here.

--Damien 13:28, 15 September 2006 (UTC)

OK, it looks like one of the libraries needed for AAC has moved to faac - so I tried to download 1.25 and compile. As it turns out, some of the files are in DOS line neding ("\\r\\n") rather than unix line endings ("\\n"), so after some trawling, it looks like:

 * [[2]] ; or

Run dos2unix on the following files:

 * bootstrap

OK, now, let's give this another go....

Usability concerns

Ok, this may sound like a n00b question, but I have to complain about MythMusic's terrible interface for creating playlists and managing the music library. Although I am an experience user (as evidenced by my ability to install & configure MythTV in the first place) I have yet to figure out how to create a playlist!

So, I come to the wiki to 'RTFM' and what do I find? Instructions telling me to "setup the playlist as you normally would." I shouldn't have to point out the inadequacy of this documentation.

Rather than complain further I propose a deal: As I lack the necessary skill to modify the user interface on MythMusic, and there does not seem to be a competing plugin, I offer to write the documentation in a clear and concise manner -- if someone will just explain it to me first!

I totally agree. I guess people actually using their mythtv box for listening to music don't use MythMusic, as it is kind of nonintuitive. Personally I plan to change to amarok or something. This is also one (of many) reasons why I don't really recommend MythTV to any of my friends, only hardcore Linux hackers (yes I know, it's only a 0.20 release at the moment).

I too would like to contribute somehow - here's my first suggestion: Why is the key "O" (letter o) used for the "stop" action as default? It's really counter-intuitive when using a remote control, as "O" in LiveTV is used for program info...

Enough complaining - I like MythTV very much, and would like to thank all developers for their efforts ;)