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A section on the status of an Intel / Universal Binary build of MythTV would be useful. I'm looking for more information on that, along with trying to build it for myself..

Nigel says: there is more information here; Myth_on_Mac_x86 and Myth_on_Mac_x86. As far as I know, no-one has built a universal binary yet. If you have the time to investigate how, I will try to add it to the packaging script


As far as I can see only the Frontend of MythTV has been officially ported to Mac OS X.

Was the reason for the backend not being ported an Intel vs. PowerPC issue? If so then obviously this is no longer the case. Does this mean it will be more likely for the backend to now be ported? Considering Mac OS X (FreeBSD) and Linux are practically kissing cousins and that many other originally Linux developed packages (Samba, Apache, MySQL, etc.) have already been ported I cannot see what the problem is. [John Lockwood]

Nigel says: The backend wasn't ported because it is closely tied to Linux, and particulary V4L (Video for Linux) for analog capture cards. That is not the case any more, but getting it all working is quite difficult. I haven't had the time to try and build a working setup. The backend has been buildable (i.e. ported) for about 5 months, but it didn't do much. About 4 months ago, DBOX2 support was added to MythTV, which should work on a Mac backend. About one month ago, Mac support was added for FireWire and QuickTime input devices. So, as far as I know, the backend should work, but only about 2 people in the whole wide world have tried to use it