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== Binary Packages? ==
Great work here! Thanks a lot for helping out the growing Intel/Mac community.  But I have been trying these steps for two straight days with nothing to show for it.  Are you guys ever planning on releasing binary packages?  Or do you know of anywhere I can get them?
(tji) Do we have any place to host binaries at?
(Tux541) Sure, I have access to an open T1.  Should do the trick.
(Tux541) Well I've posted a working version of Myth Frontend v0.19-Fixes without MMX support.  Anyone who wants to download it can find it here:
[http://www.wipzradio.com/files/mythfrontend-0-19-fixes-x86-nommx.dmg  www.wipzradio.com mythfrontend]
(tji) I'm still trying to get the MMX stuff to build work 0.19-fixes..  I can build 0.20 with MMX, but 0.19 fails when linking libavcodec.      Has anyone else tried MMX with 0.19?
== Build Status ==
(tji) My current status:
*0.20 SVN non-MMX:
Frontend runs,  communicates with backend, and can view live TV.  My Core Duo mini is not fast enough to display smooth HD 1080i with this build.
I must have a MySQL version imcompatibility.  My FE/BE communications have some problems..  displaying the list of recorded shows fails.  I can see the data being transferred, but it hangs requesting channel icons ( 2006-03-17 10:17:23.454 MSqlQuery: SELECT icon FROM channel WHERE chanid = '1020' ; )  It hangs, repeating that sql request every half second.  Anyone else seeing this?
*0.20 SVN with MMX enabled:
Same as above, except 1080i HD displays smoothly, taking 85-95% of one CPU on a Core Duo Mini.
*0.19-fixes non-MMX:
Builds cleanly.  Requires some of the older patches, since this branch wasn't updated with all the 0.20 fixes.  All menus and program listings work fine.  Can play live video or select recorded.  Cannot play smooth HD video on Core Cuo Mini (needs MMX enhancements).
*0.19-fixes with-MMX:
Have not yet built it successfully.  MMX recognition gets screwed up somehow, and I get missing symbols when linking libavcodec.
== MySQL ==
(Gaspode) Yes I have the same problem as (tji) - the Mac frontend communicates with the linux backend - and the linux backed responds - but the frontend does not seem to receive it.

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