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20071228: Lots of formatting changes - contributors please try and keep to the style shown where possible -- Richard Dale

20071228: Nice editing work Richard! We work well as a team! :-) - Buzz.

20071228: I'm amazed how few times we've stomped on each other's edits... Putting in all the sections should also make that a lot easier too. I'm thinking about making each problem/solution into its own section for ease of searching through the contents too - maybe after lunch -- Richard Dale

20071228: Yea, I agree! I was trying hard not to go near any sections you were editing (gotta love that history tab). :-) If you want to contact me at all i'm on davidbuzz at gmail dot com. I'm in Brisbane, you?

20071228: I'm in Perth here... Having some compile errors with MythTV now - I might go back to step 1 and start afresh to see if anything else needs fixing. Can't wait to be able to try Myth on several Windows laptop systems around here (that have ATI cards with no acceleration under Linux) - the old laptops will work well in the kitchen (eg. cooking programs) or simply for watching the cricket in my workshop -- Richard Dale

Regarding: "Comment: Yes that fixed it. If others can comment on this resolving the issue too, I'll put this step into the main compile process steps above (until the ticket is incorporated into SVN) -- Richard Dale" - given that Andrei(Andrew53) wrote it, and both myself, and you have all found it worked, I'd say go ahead and make it part of the main instructions. - Buzz. Done -- Richard

20071228: Andrei has posted how he patched mysql.h and this is now incorporated into the MySQL section. This is quite different from the previous winsock patch so I'd recommend a recompile of QT due to the probability of having significant segfaults straight after compilation of mythtv -- Richard Dale

20071228: Actually it appears that BOTH patches are required for mysql.h (so that winsock.h is included). I've updated the sections accordingly -- Richard Dale