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Any chance this gets updated to work with trunk?

A version that compiles with trunk was mentioned on the user mailing list.... see:;#367146


rtmpdump was removed from sourceforge, and has moved to the MPlayer site. The code has been completely rewritten in plain C instead of C++ and is much more compact and efficient now. A lot of bugs have been fixed and many features have been added. It is also usable as a standalone library.

The gethulu perl script that used to be shipped with the rtmpdump code has been expanded and turned into a plugin for the get-flash-videos script. The plugin is available at

Code for extracting the necessary keys from the Hulu SWF files is available here

You will need swfdec to use this code.

PS: Please support swfdec; it is far more useful than gnash. Duplication of effort is wasteful, just kill gnash and drive swfdec to completion. (My opinion, obviously.) Hyc 09:58, 28 December 2009 (UTC)