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2008: is a bit of a mess and contains factual inaccuracies to boot...

Okay, the security section here is a bit of a mess and contains factual inaccuracies to boot, so I'm basically forking things out into their own pages. What to me seems the sensible way to order this information would be one somewhat widely-scoped page (Securing MythWeb: Apache) for just Apache configuration for plain http, one page for how to set up Apache+SSL (covering just how to make a self-signed certificate and get the server using it), and since someone's mentioned it on the existing page (and it's quite a bit less hassle than SSL certs) a page explaining tunneling over ssh (especially since this can be done with PuTTY). I'll get the first of those pages completed before making even a single change here. -- Dagmar d'Surreal 11:01, 11 March 2008 (UTC)

2011: is a bit of a mess and contains factual inaccuracies to boot... lets fix it !

Peew ... the security section is really a bit of a mess. I started to add a small hint for the digest module reload (was not reloaded and wondered, why I got an error after setting up a digest file correctly and uncomment the mythweb.conf section for the security). I think, we should can spend here a small generic section for digest (and if somebody wants also for basic) - the different flavours of distributions ? is there a general rule to refer to any distributions forum ? - or do we try to copy / paste information ... of course we can add subtopics per distribution ... I dont think, that this would improve the overview, what do you think ? Well, and having read the last sentence of Dagmar this moment ... I completly agree with you !, but hey ... you see ? - where are the sections now ? :) 00:03, 1 Feb 2011

And ? - troubleshooting ? - really here ? or another page ?

Security: by the way: I found a very good introduction at ... of course we have to take care about copyright, but hey - this is a really up2date and good section for security

2014: this post Snowden world!

Security is a mess again and it's pretty straightforward to get going. There are 2 pages for the security section that are now spread out.

Premature end of subject headers

No matter what, I always get this error in my apache error.log:

[Thu Feb 10 14:54:11 2011] [error] [client] Premature end of script headers:

That's really no help at all. What could be the cause?