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The program works after two modifications which the author might like to include.

 1. Include in the whitelist "itv".
 2. In the 0.25+ version I think a ')' is out of place in the line lowerCHANNEL=.....The ')'
 should be just before the final " as without this change I got a value of lowerCHANNEL of:-
 itv | tr -d '+1' | tr -d '[:space:]'  !

I am a beginner with LINUX but from my man request it said that the mythcommflag option was -v not -V. If this makes a difference then that also needs to be changed.

Commercial detection whilst recording

I have found that for Freesat channels, you cannot do commercial detection whilst you are recording that channel. You have to untick the box in setup that says commercial detect whilst recording. Apart from that it works a treat. Ayesha thinks its wonderful!