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The program works after two modifications which the author might like to include.

 1. Include in the whitelist "itv".
 2. In the 0.25+ version I think a ')' is out of place in the line lowerCHANNEL=.....The ')'
 should be just before the final " as without this change I got a value of lowerCHANNEL of:-
 itv | tr -d '+1' | tr -d '[:space:]'  !

I am a beginner with LINUX but from my man request it said that the mythcommflag option was -v not -V. If this makes a difference then that also needs to be changed.

Commercial detection whilst recording

I have found that for Freesat channels, you cannot do commercial detection whilst you are recording that channel. You have to untick the box in setup that says commercial detect whilst recording. Apart from that it works a treat. Ayesha thinks its wonderful!

0.26/0.27 support

From 0.26 onward, MythTV neither reads nor writes mysql.txt. Scripts relying on said file should migrate to $MYTHCONFDIR/config.xml, falling back to $HOME/.mythtv/config.xml.

Modifications to include HD and most freesat channels

HD can be deleted from the callsign but not with tr -d hd as this will remove the 'h' of channel. For future proofing tr -d +1 should not be used as channel 13 will become channel3! With this in mind I propose the following changes in the Ver+0.25 section.

# make lower case and remove white space to account for minor # presentation changes between transmissions and over time callsigns # on Freesat and freeview differ e.g. "FIVE *" and "Five*". Also # removed is the +1 suffix from the criteria, if the primary channel # is allowable the +1 variant should also be included in white list. # Remove HD on the same logic as +1 # Convert to lower case lowerCALLSIGN="$(echo $CALLSIGN | tr '[A-Z]' '[a-z]')" # Remove +1 lowerCALLSIGN=`echo ${lowerCALLSIGN//+1/}` # Remove +24 lowerCALLSIGN=`echo ${lowerCALLSIGN//+24/}` #Remove hd lowerCALLSIGN=`echo ${lowerCALLSIGN//hd/}` #Remove spaces lowerCALLSIGN="$(echo $lowerCALLSIGN | tr -d '[:space:]')" echo >>$LOGFILE "lowerCALLSIGN is $lowerCALLSIGN" case $lowerCALLSIGN in # the following list should be in lower case and without any white space and no need to specify "+1" or HD variants # E4/channel 4 treats trailers as program. The silence markers are # only either side of actual adverts. E4 often has trailers before and # after adverts, which will not be cut, and appear within the wanted show. # Works for other FIVE channels with caveat that they include news # bulletins which are't cut "five"|"5"|"fiveusa"|"5usa"|"channel4"|"more4"|"e4"|"film4"|"4seven"|"itv"|"itv1"|"itv2"|"itv3"|"itv4"|"dave"|"davejavu"|"channel5"|"pick"|"5*"|"more>movies"|"trueent"|"m>movies"|"cbsdrama"|"cbsaction"|"itv4plus")

I have not tested itv4plus or more>movies as they seem to be placeholder/testing at the moment. These will need to be replaced by their final callsigns.