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[[User:octavsly|Octavian]] November 15, 2007
I hope somebody will read this post.<br>
I have started reading some of the wiki pages and I have noticed that sometime the information is duplicated, or the concepts are spread among several pages. There are plenty of good wiki pages available but there is no orchestrated effort towards a good doc. <br>
I wonder how many active contributors are there? Who is cleaning this wiki?
BTW, don't shoot at me since I am new around here.
:BANG! Consider yourself shot.
:Not really. I say go to town, though I think this should be done as part of the User Manual, which at this point, is woefully incomplete within the context of the wiki. And the docs hanging off of mythtv.org are only partially wiki-fied. I think we need to step up and get the user docs...well, usable. Valid questions on the wiki-cleanup. Maybe suitable for the MainPage Talk? --[[User:DirkGecko|DirkGecko]] 19:26, 16 November 2007 (UTC)

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