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Additional items for consideration into changelog. This is a list of unknown, TBD, limited scope, yet-to-be-backported, not yet confirmed, and/or trivial items which may or may not eventually be moved to the Release Notes. Most likely, all of these will stay here as "honorable mentions".

  • NVR: Optimize sws_scale usage [24065] [24124]
  • Fix ambiguous MythMovies error [24073]
  • Potential fix for high resolutions by testing all rate values returned in libnvctl [24077]
  • OSX: Add #include <libgen.h> [24081] [24163]
  • VBI: include videodev_myth.h instead of duplicating parts of the V4L api [24094]
  • MythWeb: Add text to the MythWeb Manual Schedule page to briefly explain how Start Date is used for daily recordings [24107]
  • EIT: add EITfixup for reruns on Thor 0.8W Norwegian [24121]
  • EIT: mark MCA EIT data matching DD as AUD_DOLBY instead of AUD_STEREO [24122] consolidate and fix regexp for stereo detection [24123]
  • Replace "Change Ending Time" and "Modify Recording Options" when using the OSD to modify a recording
  • Refactoring of AvFormatDecoder related to ticket #8318 -
  • channelscan: Add an error msg if the frequency table is empty - useful for cli scanner [24160]
  • Simplify CC decoding, use same mechanism for DVD encoded CEA-608 as for other embeddings [24166]
  • Use QT 4.6 for Mac OS X Build [24168]
  • Python: Add 'QuickDictData?' class, for a read/write capable structure using the 'DictData?' behavior. [24201]
  • Python: Migrates DB.tablefields and DB.settings to QuickDictData subclasses. Field attributes are now available through the tablefields class, and will return all settings available on that host. Internal revision bumped for new features. [24213]
  • PulseAudio: Fix white noise after seeking [24214] - since Pulse still experimental, probably won't include this in the changelog
  • DVD: add dvdnav_first_play(). starts the dvd from the beginning. previous use of RingBuffer->Seek didn't do the trick in all cases. [24238]
  • DVD: resolve problem where pcm_s16be audio codec is detected as pcm_dvd codec instead [21891] and workaround for mp2 playback issues. mp2 sample rate is not detected during stream changes. [24240]
  • Move a few storage related routines out of backendutil.cpp and into MainServer & Convert MainServer::BackendQueryDiskSpace() to use the playbackList to query all connected backends instead of using the encoderList which is a list of backends with tuners. This allows the storage on tunerless backends to be reported along with the rest. [24245], [24246]
  • Terra: Fix misalinged text in MythWelcome [24256]
  • MythNetvision: Now that time is properly being parsed, format the time textareas nicely instead of just displaying the number of seconds. [24441]
  • Edit Arclight netvision windows to use time values. [24443]