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2008.07.21 / ELafargue: after struggling quite a lot to grasp the MythTV architecture which is not necessarily self explanatory in case you are not a MythTV developer yourself, I came up with this introduction this is meant to make things clearer: I'm interested to get feedback from MythTV developers to proofread this intro - English is not my native language - and make any update/correction they will see fit in case I misunderstood something! According to you, is this intro at the right place?

--Lucidity 18:27, 17 August 2008 (UTC): I've noticed some options that are new to the 0.21 release that have yet to be documented. Specifically Encoder Groups. It appears that when adding a DVB card (specifically the pcHDTV-5500), the analog options are no longer part of the same card. In other words, you must add a separate analog encoder (in this case a cx88xx). It appears that the way it's SUPPOSED to work is that the cards need to be Grouped so that the backend doesn't try to record from both sources at the same time. I say SUPPOSED because the backend seems to ignore the grouping. I've had it try to record an analog show at the same time as a HD show on the same encoder, and i got a lot of very loud static. Whether it works or not, i think this change needs to be documented. I'll try to work on it a bit myself, but as i'm not an expert on such matters, i may not be the best person to work on that. Also of note: if a DVB card is set so that it can record multiple digital streams that are multiplexed together, it will appear in MythWeb that there are as many additional tuners as maximum allowable streams that can be captured. I just wanted to get these issues on teh interwebz because it seems like there is precious little information at the moment.

0.22 anyone?

Can someone update this for 0.22?