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Do the titles to TV shows need to be formatted a specific way? And how do you download the data for a TV episode? Following the instructions only returns data for movies that might possibly match....

"A user configuration file is not required when grabbing TV data through mythvideo download metadata. This is because you interactively select the specific TV series." -- I am trying to see this, but haven't had any luck. Any hints?

Did you follow the instructions? Are you running trunk with the required patches applied? Have you set the season and episode numbers for your shows? MythVideo with the patches applied can autodetect the season and episode from most normal filenames (s##e## or ##x##) but if you have lots of existing TV, you'll need to set those things manually once you've applied the appropriate patches. Unless you are in it to improve the patches, you should wait until the patches get committed to trunk.

Yes, Yes, Yes -- On review season & episode do seem to be recognized. I noted the patches (and this wiki page), thought the functonality would be kind of cool and was giving it a try. The only reason I even said anything was because this wiki page existed and following the instructions didn't get the downloaded data identified by the wiki. My bad, if I jumped the gun...

Need frontend log output from when you try to download metadata for an episode.

Ok, got it working. Had to make sure I was using the right theme, and needed to rename my episodes (I used tvnamer, works great). Thanks!

  • Is there a way to have the script look up episodes by dvd order instead of by aired order? Series like Farscape and Firefly the DVD order is different than the aired order.
    • No, Myth itself provides no support for anything but the TVDB aired order. I might look at it in the future, but it is extremely low priority and there are a ton of things I'd rather work on first.