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vdpauhqscaling is described as only being applicable to type C cards. Should also be used for type D (such as my GT 520)?

HDMI Audio

VDPAU is for video decoding and playback only. Any discussion of audio has no relevance to this page, and belongs somewhere else.

Filter: vdpaubuffercount

The VDPAU video buffer implementation has been changed in Mythtv 0.25. The number of decoder buffers is now determined automatically from the number of frames between I-frames while the number of process buffers was set to 12 based on a series of tests. In some configuration with low end graphic chips (NVIDIA ION) this low number of process buffers can cause (very) sporadic buffer underruns.

Increasing the vdpaubuffercount parameter solves this problem at the cost of little higher memory usage.

  • vdpaubuffercount (vdpaubuffersize for Mythtv 0.24 or older)
    • VDPAU video buffer size
    • Why/when it should be used: If some H264 videos don't play properly
    • The valid range is 6 to 50 (default 12)
    • Example: vdpaubuffercount=32