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This page contains a shell script whose purpose is to collect information about your machine necessary for others to help you figure out why it's not doing what you want, if and when that happens to you. It will be able, eventually, to either dump that information in a file for attaching to email, dump it on your terminal for copying, or posting it automagically to a site like, for IRC debugging.

If you have a block of code to contribute, please put it on this page; if you want to suggest data which it should include, but you don't actually have the code for gathering that, suggest it on the Talk page.

# Technical Support Sheet script
# Attempt to gather all relevant information for people 
# volunteering to help those with non-working MythTV
# systems

# Point the output to a file
TIMESTAMP=`date +%Y%m%d-%H%M%S`
exec 1>$TSSFILE

# first, try to figure out what OS and processor we're on...
uname -a

# next, try to figure out which version of myth's FE and BE 
# are actually running, right this minute, if any...

# dump our mount table and diskspace
echo "== /etc/fstab =="
cat /etc/fstab
echo "== mount =="