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I have not been able to get the #if to work so I'll do this later.
'''Note:''' This template is undergoing work so it maybe broke for a few minutes.
{| border="1" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="5" style="border-collapse:collapse; border-color:#8eabd0; background:#e7edf5"
|style="background: #ccccfd;" colspan=2 |'''{{{name|Capture Card Information}}}'''
{{#if:{{{vendorsite|}}}|<tr><td>Vendor's Site</td><td>{{{vendorsite}}}</td></tr>}}
{{#if:{{{inputformats|}}}|<tr><td>Input Formats</td><td>{{{inputformats}}}</td></tr>}}
{{#if:{{{supportstatus|}}}|<tr><td>Support Status</td><td>{{{supportstatus}}}</td></tr>}}
{{#if:{{{sounddriver|}}}|<tr><td>Sound Driver</td><td>{{{sounddriver}}}</td></tr>}}
{{Capture card info
|supportstatus=Google rules!

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Capture Card Information
Vendors Website http://google.com
Input Formats not applicable
Support Status Google rules!
Driver unknown
Sound Driver not applicable
Chipset not applicable


{{Capture card info
|supportstatus=Google rules!